Screen Freezing/Crashes non stop

I was finally able to get past felicity rampant without it freezing. A couple days later, the game freezes every 20 minutes.

Why havent they fixed the presequel? With the latest patch they even made some zones in Borderlands 2 really unstable (the arena of the dragons of destruction now crashes sometimesl).

They didn’t even fix the issues, only added more.

I’m at the Felicity Rampant boss fight in the Presequel and I can’t progress because the game crashes mid fight every single time!

When is this game gonna get fixed?! Otherwise I will ask for a freaking refund -.-

Got kicked out of the game now for the 9th time! Im nearly at the point od trading this game.
At several locations through the entire game. Now in the last mission of TPS its unplayable. Every few minutes my coop partner and myself get freezes.

Fix this ■■■■. Thats ■■■■■■■ annoing!

That guy said they were working on it 2 months ago, i call ■■■■■■■■, if they truly cared they would be working harder to fix this bs

Got the same “freezing” problems with the download version of TPS on PS4

Athena and Lady Hammerlock can’t get past felicity cause the game (screen is frozen, sound continues) freezes every 10 to 15 minutes

If someone from Gearbox reads this: Is there any fix scheduled for this problem? It would be nice to play the game I bought without only rising the frustration factor instead of the XP :-\

Hi @lmaibach,

For now we can’t give a concrete timeframe for a fix, unfortunately. The team is working hard on a it though and as soon as there is news, we’ll let everyone know. In the meantime, below I’ve linked to a thread that we’ve been maintaining regarding this issue. In the most recent posts, you’ll notice that some people are having luck by avoiding lasers in their loadouts. Believe me, this is not an optimum solution for us, but it seems to helping some people get by.

Sorry I don’t have more info you, but again, the moment there is news we can share, we will.

Froze for me twice today during the eclipse/eos fight. Both during normal mode, level 35 fragtrap and lvl 36 boss.

  1. during EOS, after bring EOS to 50% health as soon as he regained all his shields and I killed all the adds, it froze.
  2. about 30 minutes into the fight with eclipse at 10%. Didn’t seem so long but the clock didn’t lie (:

A couple months ago I actually rage-quit EOS, but recently I came back and got a couple levels in tvhm then came back to beat him, was doing good but the console won’t let me win… this makes me sad.

To have a freeze bug in such a crazy long fight is extremely frustrating, especially since there is no checkpoint between Eclipse and EOS. I would really appreciate news on a fix.

EDIT: PS4 handsome collection, digital version, and a 2TB hard drive FWIW. No issues in other games and I play alot. Had no issues in BL2 at all and I just did the Tiny Tina DLC, nor questing in TPS.

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More info, since I realize I just said “freeze” without qualifying what that meant.

In my case, the music was still playing and not just one note looped. There were no sound effects though, no shooting or damage or anything like that just music. The visuals were frozen and not at all changing or moving. None of the buttons did anything, except that I could push the PS button and go to the PS4 home screen/menu and return to the game. When I returned to the game the music resumed and the visuals went back to the same frame they were frozen on.

I was actually able to put my PlayStation into rest mode, turn it back on, log on and the game had been suspended and resumed back in the same state as above.

If it happens again I’ll try to capture a video of it.

I’m in the same boat and await a fix eagerly.