Screen Glitches Randomly

Sometimes, the screen will glitch out with random shapes and colors for no apparent reason. I’ve posted a brief video below.

This video occurred while browsing the Battleborn tab in Command.

This video occurred in Oscar Mike vs. The Battle School and apparently only glitches out while I’m down and waiting to be revived.

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I have been having the same problem. It only happened 3 times and started about a week before the winter update. The screen flashes with different colors and shapes. I’ve tried restarting the game and my Xbox, but it has no affect.The only thing that seems to do anything, is if I press the Xbox home button, the flashes stop until I go back into the game again. After about 10 -15 mins of the flashing screen, the Battleborn game will freeze up completely. When I restart the game after it freezes up, everything is fine, until it happens again, a few days later. This does not happen with any other game I play, like Fallout 4, Rainbow 6 Siege or 7 Days to die.