Screen Goes to Black for 2 Seconds

I play on Xbox One X and have not experienced this problem until playing in the 2020 version of Bloody Harvest.

During the hour I played the other night I experienced screen glitching, or where it would go black for 1.5-2 seconds and then come back. It looks like when it came back it went back in time to right before the glitch.

The glitch affects both video and audio. During the hour I played it did this 8-10 times.

I double-checked and I did have the hotfix screen prior to launching into the game. I cold booted my Xbox One X and tried again after 30 mins of having this happen. It didn’t correct whatever was going on with the game. This does not happen on any other game I play.

I did a google search and don’t see anything on this, only from right after launch. Anybody else experiencing this now?

Not had that on original XB1, anyway. I’ve had the video freeze while the audio continued every once in a while - I took to doing regular power resets to clear the cache, and that seemed to help.

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This sounds very similiar to a bug I experienced only a single time way back at launch. I was in the Spiderant cavern at the back of the Splinterlands when my screen would go black every few seconds, as if my character would had to blink all the time because they couldn‘t stay awake. Back then I thought this might be a new effect from Spiderant poison or something but I never had it again and it only lasted for exactly as long as I was battling in the cavern… really strange.

Was on the normal XOne btw.

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I need to start doing that more. Seems between the external storage and the Xbox itself it just gets itself into a bad state. Thanks.

That is weird. In my case its as if the game stutters for that split second, then goes back in time and comes back (all within that split second). It just ruins the gaming experience for this to happen every 5 minutes.