Screen shaking is making my head hurt

tried playing the slaughtershaft but man… i had to quit playing!

screen is shaking so hard my eyes hurt! i got a headache and can’t even focus anymore!

getting shot at from all side by rocketlaunchers is crap! i allready said that you needed to fix rockelauncher CoV but now i think it’s better to just remove them alltogether! this makes the game unplayable…

I fired up the game today after being away for a while. It was just regular missions on Mayhem 2, but the boom-boom+screen shake was enough to send me right back out. I must be too old for this now. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not; the constant screen shakes, visual pollution and ‘impact’ feedback has been taken much too far - presumably in the name of ‘mayhem’ which becomes bitterly ironic in context.

They’ve cleaned up some of the SFX overkill but it’s still tremendously invasive and detrimental to gameplay, something that’s been a complaint from day one.

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Amara spiritual driver is like a freaking migraine or seizure

They need to give us more toggles.

Make it with good words like i cant do and ill support ur topic for this. A serious feedback one. We need this looked at. Im sure no one will disagree and ill even send a ticket.

Just need non Explosive caps locks english