Screen shots that make you go Hmmm BL2 Edition

(superzi12345) #222

Yep her corpse ( or either a statue of her corpse ) will be in that Opportunity’d spot every time :slight_smile:

(Santa Söze) #223

Pandora has chemtrails

Tinfoil hat time!

(chris) #224

Never seen the statue before. Any reason to which one shows up?

(Is this thing on?) #225

Doing the ‘Big Bertha’ turret part of Southern Shelf, I had a red dot refuse to come into view at the gate. So I went looking for the reluctant cannon fodder:

OK, that’s got to hurt…

He was actually pretty immune there, until I phaselocked him out of the ice!

(CommanderDouchebag) #226

Ragdoll in BL is defiently a weird thing.

(Santa Söze) #227