Screen shots that make you go Hmmm BL2 Edition

(superzi12345) #222

Yep her corpse ( or either a statue of her corpse ) will be in that Opportunity’d spot every time :slight_smile:


Pandora has chemtrails

Tinfoil hat time!

(chris) #224

Never seen the statue before. Any reason to which one shows up?

(Is this thing on?) #225

Doing the ‘Big Bertha’ turret part of Southern Shelf, I had a red dot refuse to come into view at the gate. So I went looking for the reluctant cannon fodder:

OK, that’s got to hurt…

He was actually pretty immune there, until I phaselocked him out of the ice!

(CommanderDouchebag) #226

Ragdoll in BL is defiently a weird thing.



I never noticed this before :

The light on Scooter’s camera is blinking from the very beginning. Is he recording? I seem to recall him saying in BL1 something about is it weird that he’s spying on you through your ECHO? This guy is a class-A voyeur.

Also, we’ve seen this pic before but that was a long time ago so you get it again.

(Is this thing on?) #229

That’s BL2 during the mission to reactivate power at the Happy Pig Motel. And it is creepy!

(The doc is in.) #230

And exactly how turning Sanctuary into a flying city is helping against Helios bombardments? :thinking:
Never really figured that one…

(TX383) #231

Yeah, I dunno. I mean, once it resumed as a fast travel destination you’d think Hyperion could figure it out.

(Is this thing on?) #232

You obviously turn in the mission too quickly, or you’d hear Lilith and Roland discussing this exact scenario. The answer? Lilith bluffs that she can phase the city any time, so they’d just be wasting billions of dollars And apparently, that worked long enough.

(The doc is in.) #233

I … probably did. :smiley: Never heard that or I don’t remember.
Would work if the city was (teleport) on the other side of the planet but…

(Is this thing on?) #234

Well, I didn’t say that there weren’t any plot holes in the game!

(The doc is in.) #235

Nova victim?

(Is this thing on?) #236

I posted a while back about the bandit buzzard crew member shooting my from up in the air. This one was even weirder - notice how the Technical crew members in this screen shot DON’T have health bars:

And yet, they’re hitting me hard. Went to melee them and the immediately disappeared. Then the technical (with them in it) came back and got me good - it was a barrel one, so trying to hit it with a Torgue shotgun as… frustrating.

After the inevitable respawn I ran back out again, and there they were in the exact some place. It seems that the spawned with the technical but some how got left behind when it took off. Shooting them did no damage, but again a quick melee and they were off in the technical once more.

(The doc is in.) #237

His final… rest?

(Is this thing on?) #238

Laser high wires? That would be quite the interesting circus act!

(TX383) #239

Definitely a new one! I’m going to go back to TTAODK just to look for weirdness.

(Is this thing on?) #240

Found a couple of these guys just hanging around after beating the Constructor at the end of Heroes Pass:

And yes, I did shoot him there…


Claptrap decided to leave his own party - beer run maybe?

When he finally came back I guess he forgot whether he was inert or sentient…