Screen shots that make you go Hmmm BL2 Edition

(Is this thing on?) #42

It’s Sanc-tree-ary, the flying tree city!


Killed a BA Savage and when I walked by the shield he dropped I noticed it didn’t have arrows next to the stats

(Australian Lite™) #44

Been parked here for a little while now, starting to get hungry…

(Playing less B2 right now because... BABY!!) #45

Whoever was in charge of colouring in this rabid probably lost their job…


He really is a cowboy

(I stopped moving and the orphans caught me. Tannis was right.) #47

Thread necromancy FTW!

I fought H3RL-E and when he died he just slumped back against the boulder…

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #48

I think something went wrong here. That or they died of Boneitis! :smiley:

(The RAbbi) #49

Wish I could find a screencap, but I swear I’ve seen it.

Face McShooty, standing, indicated friendly on the HUD, faceless.

Has happened more than once.

(Cast Iron Chef) #50

So me, my wife, and a friend of ours decided it would be fun to spawn in Vermi @ OP 8. Well, this eventually happened…

We managed to kill it, you guessed where:

Lucky for us he dropped a Mecromancer COM, which is good because I ran out of money buying ammo. :dukerage:


This was weird

Isn’t it facing in the wrong direction?


This little dude was near Bulstoss and was just left hanging around …


I would have given you 2 likes for this pic

  • Firstly one day i would love to jump into snow that deep :airplane_departure:

  • 2nd “True Turquoise” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(I stopped moving and the orphans caught me. Tannis was right.) #54

His cousin was in the Beatdown awhile back…


Ellie had an itch to pick … or a bone to scratch :laughing: Lets just get this clear from the start … Ellie wasn’t reaching for her purse ok. Check out how she gets up on one toe for the reach-around …

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #56

thank you for that. I was about to start scratching my head. lol

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #57

I posted this in the daily session post as well. Is this what I think it means?

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #58

Seriously, has anyone ever seen this before or is this an emoticon Easter egg?


Throwing your DeceptiOn near a, or a certain recently dead enemy or just as they are dying, or even “non hostile enemies” will show all of these emoticons.

I am a little surprised you @Sun_Tsunami didn’t know this :grin:

Hunter Hellquist is a very good way of seeing them :thumbsup:

In your pic he is calling you a “Bast*rd”

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #60

I just never noticed. Lol. I guess because I wasn’t in deception and the emote stuck.

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #61