Screen shots that make you go Hmmm BL2 Edition


Hmmm … I’ve always presumed the dashes, 5 in total were the letters ASTAR to go between the B and the D.

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Screenshots that make you go…[quote=“SomeRandomGuy11, post:62, topic:1545480”]


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I love the way that definition also defines the word penis three times

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #65

…pen*s :point_left:

(Santa Söze) #66


So what’s with the extra two == dashes then?

("The first rule of Fight Club...") #68

Extra inches = the =
That means he’s a really big d*ck

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Lol. Anyway, caught the singing psycho behaving a little oddly the other day.

(Santa Söze) #70

This guy swooned when he saw me coming

" Oh you mysterious handsome lug! Take me home and feed me strawberries and champagne!"


So, am i getting Eridium or Badass Tokens? Badass Eridium, perhaps? Maybe bit of both!

(Stay frosty.....) #72



Checkout this flexible Nomad in Bloodshot trying to doing a Grand jete´ to splits …

Although he could have just been breakdancing also :grin: Ouch!

(Is this thing on?) #74

This stalker was all up in my hood - as in, the hood of my Bandit Technical - where it died. A sharp break and reversal left the body hanging:

What did you do in BL2 during your most recent session?
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A sexy Vladof barrelled pistol you have there

(Is this thing on?) #76

What’s interesting about that is, when it’s in Zer0’s holster, the scope makes it look like he’s carrying a light sabre (note spelling!) I’ll see if I can grab a piccy the next time I bring him out to play.


Here’s a couple from a collection i’d like to call …

“If Loot Midgets were Models” … or … “The casual Loot Midget” … :sunglasses:

They’re kind of stupid i know …

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #78

“Paint me like one of your French loot midgets!”


Sal just fought Mal in TVHM. He used the Ore Chasm entrance for cover, Mal did a big leap to get to the other side, and succumbed to a corrosive DoT mid-air. Oddly, he decided to ignore gravity and stay up there when this made him friendly again…

Could you please drop at least one of your jet boots for me - the standard ones installed in loader feet should do nicely - so I can get up there and turn in the mission? Thanks.

(I got him down via a short trip into the Ore Chasm map and back. That also fully healed him.)

(Is this thing on?) #80

So guess the occupation of this bandit?

Yup, he’s a FENCE! That is mathematically hilarious! :bldancing:


Here’s Knuckle Dragger and he’s all like “Come he and give me a hug fella” …

Next thing you hear … “Psych” … “Later fool” …