Screen shots that make you go Hmmm BL2 Edition

(I stopped moving and the orphans caught me. Tannis was right.) #162

So yeah…the game had to one-up itself last night, apparently -

(Santa Söze) #163

Pretty nice COM too :wink:

(I stopped moving and the orphans caught me. Tannis was right.) #164

I don’t remember offhand whether both chests are the same one, but they’re both on the upper part of the map…I’m half-temped to check it again tonight to see if it’ll step up once more and produce a Legendary.

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #165

I think the savage chests give you the same gear quality as white chests/green Dahl chests/yellow Hyperion chests. So a purple is the highest quality you’re gonna see out of one of those.

(I stopped moving and the orphans caught me. Tannis was right.) #166

That’s pretty much what I thought, especially given that those two items pictured are literally the highest-lvl items I’ve ever found in one of those chests.

("Kaboom!") #167

Oh look, a floating turret.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #168

that’s convenient. invisible wall maybe?

("Kaboom!") #169

The guy i was supposed to shoot fell through the map hehe

("She keeps on passin' me by...") #170

He’s had enough of those pesky Vault Hunters shooting him in the head. Especially that Zer0 guy who always likes to show off his “Critical Ascensi0n” stacks :roll_eyes:

(Today, everything was fine in Opportunity and nothing bad happened.) #171

And that Gaige chick. Always bustin’ in with some type of shotgun. Nice thing about her though, is that the longer she stays, the less that guy gets hit! So that’s something. Or something.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #172

This doesn’t make me go, “Hmmmm”


(Is this thing on?) #173

I had never realised until today just how round Ellie’s face really was. And by round, I mean circular:

Edit: That’s through the scope on my Blockhead, btw. And now you also know why I never ADS with the Blockhead!

(Not a real Dr. but I got style...) #174

Outlaws are running out of budget. Again.

("Kaboom!") #175

First they break the normal law, (According to their name) then they break the laws of physics?! Thats just unacceptable :triumph:

(TX383) #176

This guy REALLY IS a badass. Dude can hover while battling spiderants. After I while I shot both him and the ant, they fell to the ground and dissolved as normal. Just another day in The Dust.

(TX383) #177

My second in the Floating Goliath category:
In the Sawtooth Cauldron, right next to the elevator where you take out Mortar. This guy was raging and got stuck between the wall and the elevator. He ascended up to the top of the tank. Long after I’d cleared everyone out of the area and looted to my heart’s content, he was still up there promising to strangle me with my own intestines. I shot him hoping he and his loot chest would descend, no dice.

(TX383) #178

Came across a broken wing Rakk out in the Nexus Boneyard. He was flapping and screeching away, stuck on the ground. I jumped out of my Technical and looked around for his mommy, no dice. I decided I’d make him my pet, maybe name him “Mike,” or “Bat-thing.” Just then a loader came along and shot him. I did not make the loader my pet.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #179

Terramorphous the Invisible.

(Santa Söze) #180

I am the prettiest”

(Is this thing on?) #181

I thought I was the only one who couldn’t park straight?