Screen Tearing in BLGOTY

I am getting really bad screen tearing on my Xbox One X. Anybody else?

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I’ve heard reports of screen issues on PS4; not seen too many reports from XBox yet though. Please file a bug report on this:

It’s very noticeable on the regular Xbox One S, especially in Fyrestone. I just submitted a bug report. I hope this can be fixed with a patch soon.

I have had a screen issue right from the start as well. Any rapid up/down looking movement gives me a horizontal distortion line across the screen. Makes the game look like I am playing on an old tube TV with bad horizontal fix. (That dates me haha)
Anyway, never had this issue with over 1000 hours in original borderlands and now 1 hour in I am annoyed. Hurts the eyes and messes with aiming a bit.

Yep XBOX X here and the tearing is almost making want to quit playing till they fix it. There is no acceptable reason for this to have made it into the finished game this way. Offer us 4k @ 30fps option or maybe 1440p @ 60fps so it avoids the tearing problem. Absolutely ridiculous they allowed this to happen. So upset over this waiting for this game forever I played it on PC for years and now this shenanigans happens when I want to replay them on console.

The whole screen tearing thing is fixed by setting XBOX X to 1080p 60. I’m not happy having to play the game without 4k but it does fix the framerate problem so till they get their heads out of their butts and address the issue 1080p @ 60 works just like PC version I had for the past 10 years.