Screen Tearing Issue

Will there be a fix for this? I’ve encountered it in Borderlands 2 and I hear it’s much worse in TPS. I only purchased the Xbox version to play with a friend and to know that it is having this issue and the ps4 version isn’t makes me feel as if I have bought a inferior version. Please tell me this will get a fix!

Yes please make sure this gets fixed asap!

The tearing in pre-sequel is absolutely terrible. No exaggeration it’s the worst I’ve probably seen since Chromehounds and if you remember Titanfall at launch it’s way worse than that even.

I haven’t noticed it too much in gameplay for tps but the cut scenes are bad.

I, too, find this almost unbearable. Like there’s no V-Sync. I’ve heard elsewhere that this is a known issue and will be addressed in the next update. Does anybody know if this is true?

Well it’s nice to see that I’m not the only one having to deal with this. Hopefully a fix comes soon! I haven’t heard anything yet about a fix in a update, but I haven’t really been online yet today so…

Gearbox is aware of this issue and will address it in a future update

I’m glad they’re going to fix it, but their post acts as if they didn’t know about it, come on it’s so bad in TPS that they had to know about it

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The team has made a lot of headway into the screen tearing issues and is looking to incorporate these fixes into the next update.