Screen Turns Slowly Black

Hello guys,

First, sorry if this has ben discused previously. I am new to the campaign - just landed on the first planet after taking ove rthe spaceship Sanctuary. I’ve played for over 10 hours, and this is the first time this has happened.

My screen slowly started to turn black, sort of like someone painting the screen. I turn around and the problem disappeared.

Anyone else experience this and know of a fix?

Kind regards.


P.S. I noticed this had been reported last year, in June. Susrprised its’ still an issue.

I see that on rare occasions. As long as I look in a direction that puts the encroaching black out of sight (behind me), it won’t be there when I look back. I don’t know what causes it, but I only see it maybe once a month.

Thank you, Adabiviak. Very strange.

It’s like a blob with extreme aliasing. If I freeze, it generally stops expanding, but as I change my view by moving/looking around, it grows.

I’ve had it start from the center of the screen, but usually it starts creeping in from the sides. I think it’s some culling routine in the rendering engine (frustum, z, occlusion, I don’t know) that loses track of the active field of view, and starts culling visible things. Total speculation here.

At first, I thinght it was part of the game. lol