Screenshot and Video section

So… new forum, new shots and new videos.

I´ll starting with a video from my VHS Mod/Tweak.

The video got not the best quality. In the next days I will upload a way better video. But for the start I wanna share this with ya. I´ll found a way to make HD videos with my tweaks.

HD Video, with the the first cutscene.

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Nice !!! :smile:

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Looks like a pimp getting ready to smack his ho for holding out on him

Nice Shots!!!

Here my “VHS” Shots, part 1…

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Kick A$$ screen shots A-Dude!!! Theres a few that are outstanding.Looks like you are using the Smartgun–The one where the Alien exploded and the acid and bits and pieces of the Alien are flying everywhere-And theres another Alien in the background you can see about to attack.Nice!!!

Yeah I have been having fun taking 4K screenshots with my 970, looks so cool. Doing the whole game start to finish, been tweeting them to Randy too and getting some attention there so yeah tons of fun. Uploading more now.

Awesome man!!I In honor of ACM turning 2 yesterday im going to playthru the entire campaign tonight.I did it last year also.Once a year I play my alltime classic games from beginning to end.I didn’t get killed once last year on the recruit level.Hopefully will do that again.I still haven’t got my Cheat Codes yet.Its not that easy on easy.I challenge you guys to play campaign all the way thru without dying one time.I bet a lot of you guys cant do it.“Honor System”

Oh…really?!? What´s the answer? :slight_smile:

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Haven’t asked any questions, just been loading him up with hires screens and getting some comments back from him.

These are videos from the old forum but what the hell…

Particularly amusing events around 47:30

TDM with Shev, The Demon Zer, DaBearded Xeno and many more

BugHunt fun with Shev and Da Bearded Xeno

My thoughts on BugHunt

Random TDM

Random TDM

I was bored and got stupid these are the results…

My thoughts on the first Mission in Hadley’s Hope

Made this upon the 1 year anniversary of ACM