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(Jup_Kozlowski) #61


I´ll upload a video right now! If you wanna download the tweak? Follow the link.

(Wedgegtx1) #62

Thanks man. That tweak is a step forward to create some kind of cinematic or machinima…

(Jup_Kozlowski) #63

Yep! but it´s very hard to keep the game playable.

Look at the video.

(Jup_Kozlowski) #64


Great video!!! :sweat_smile:

(Wedgegtx1) #65

lol :smiley:

(Jup_Kozlowski) #66

Work in progress…the Mission - Time HUD

(Jup_Kozlowski) #67

TIME.MISSION - HUD Demonstration

(Jup_Kozlowski) #68

First Mission, Cargo Bay. Without fog

(Jup_Kozlowski) #69

This is really strange!!! Even the stocked game looks better without the fog! Check it out!

Stocked (without fog)

Stocked (with fog / aka original)

with tweaks (without fog)

with tweaks (with fog)

(Jup_Kozlowski) #70

Demonstration of gfx tweaks for A:CM

  • exterme DOF

  • blue gaussians lansflare

  • Better AO with SSGI

  • lensdirt

  • disabeld the fog

  • raised the grain

  • add mission time HUD

(Idle Games Online) #71

It is awesome for my later experience. Each shot owns different experince. Worth a try, i guess!

(Jup_Kozlowski) #72

Yes! Even the stocked game looks so different without this blue/grey fog.

And with some other mods/tweaks is the game really enjoyable.

(Wedgegtx1) #73

ACM TDM 2015 Week 34 w/RedTaco highlights:

(Wedgegtx1) #74

So last night I decide to do the most frustrating challenge in Aliens: Colonial Marines. It take me 3 matches, but it’s done :slight_smile: No cheating or boosting…
Also, big thanks to Folie á Deux for hosting the game, so i was able to play finally with better ping :slight_smile:

(Jup_Kozlowski) #75

Little Demo of my new Cilitbäng Pack 3.3 beta…coming soon!

Gameplay overhaul mod
(Jup_Kozlowski) #76


DOF comes only if you use the Motiontracker or you get into a close encounter…

Gameplay overhaul mod
(Jup_Kozlowski) #77

Shots from my new Helmet Cam Vision. The video is uploading as well

(Jup_Kozlowski) #78

The Video

(Phage) #79

Until saw this video, I didnt know you could weld doors in bug hunt!


(Jup_Kozlowski) #80