ScreenShot_Trade SEE all items /ANN pre-nerf 300% Brawler/BiS Infiltrator/Ann Guns

LF Annointed Bekah - willing to give my best items

LF Flak Mods - especially Dead eye / Leave no trace +2/3 and damage CAN BE PURPLE
LF Loaded Dice - Mag size or Snowdrift
LF Artifacts - Snowdrift /Mag size / Damage
LF DP Lyuda

Got Lyudas 4 trade
Update - Deathless Traded


ZANE Infiltrator




I have a Rowan’s call but I don’t think it rolls with corrosive. I think it’s just shock, incendiary, and radiation.

EDIT: I have an anointed transformer (lvl 48) with 5% max health regen

i would like to get the elemental projector deathless… i have legenderies and grenades to trade

My mistake with Rowan’s I always mix those elements. It’s regular right, what u want for it, be reasonable I’ve already got shock and fire ones, I want to test.

I was hoping for the Zane’s Sonic Boom. I have 2 transformers now:

5% health regen after action skill
20% cooldown reduction after action skill end (just got it)
EDIT: I think I have a radiation Rowan’s on one of my characters

I’m online now. I can list out my other legendaries if you wanna jump on

I’ve got Transformers as well.
Loaded Dice with good mods
Rowan’s Annointed RAD

Oh I thought you were looking for anointed transformer shields?

Nope I replied in one of the posts that’s why it’s showing below my post.

oooh snap my bad. I just joined the forum still getting used to how it works.

no problem mate

I have an unanointed rad rowans call I’d be down to for you if that helps ya out.

EDIT: My bad I’ve seen posts with it in the titles

Do you have the bounty hunter mod still? I have a icebreaker loaded dice that has 40% mag size, and a snowdrift loaded dice

U mean Venator Man-eater Bounty hunter mod? Should be here if my stash didn’t get deleted.