Screenshots that make you go hmm Borderlands1 Edition

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Thought there was one of these threads for the BL1 sections already but apparently not so I’ll go ahead and make one (even if a bit late in the game’s lifespan). You’re just minding your own business when something awesome or bizarre happens. You take a quick selfie for posterity and then continue on your merry way.
What I’m talking about is obviously screenshots that make you pause for a moment and think "How did that just happen?"
If you have some then this is the spot to brag or share them and I’ll start with some crazy bandits and an outrider.

The front tires on their outrider was going back and forth like crazy!

Screen shots that make you go Hmmm BL2 Edition
(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #2

Got my Racer stuck, hopped out to knock it free…

(band) #3

Lots of car shenanigans in BL1.


(kills Craw with Knoxx's Gold) #4

Nice…what’s going on in that last one?

(band) #5

That was me traveling from T-Bone to… South? North? The ridgeway that goes toward the prison. I spawned in like that, was able to drive around and everything. Had to grope my way around in the dark to find the transition out though.

(Now With Extra Ordinary) #6

Anyone else ever have a purple crab have it’s head look like the end of a sausage after killing it while fighting craw? I laugh every time it happens, I’ll try to get a pic next time it happens.

(Is this thing on?) #7

Time to raise this topic from its grave! Apparently, bandits on Pandora have been taking ballet lessons while I’ve been away. Either that, or they’re really in to gymnastics:

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(Is this thing on?) #9

OK, now that’s one cool parking job.

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(Is this thing on?) #11


(Matīss Lociks) #12

-I’ve seen them taking the lifts so many times that something had to happen eventually there.

-The cars couldn’t handle sniping me down, so they decided to give up and started ■■■■■■■ each other.

-Mrrrgh! Aaargh! Urrrgh!


Assorted nonsense. Also I recognize that these are not screenshots.

Borderlands Physics - Exhibit A

Crawmerax still seems to have ways of surprising me.

So do the armored craw worms.

Borderlands Physics - Exhibit B


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So glad you posted this clip, when I mentioned it on the old gbx forums only one person would confirm it.
Now I have proof!

OK it won’t allow me to upload your clip of the flying Purple crab.

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: )

Silly things in the original Borderlands. (Duh.)
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Rainbow claptrap.

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It should’t stop in this position.

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That must have been annoying

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