Screenshots that make you go hmm Borderlands1 Edition

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Pink Floyd has a song about that!

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The best part was there was literally nothing in that locker hahaha

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I love my Cyclops…

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This pic makes me go :thinking:
Hmmmmm? Which do I want to play right now?

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Pre-Sequel, obviously!

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As soon as I see a sale. Been waiting for a sale. I’ve been told it’s frequent. So, still waiting. lol

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Tales from the Borderlands

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Ok so this is me on the OTHER side of the first roadblock on the way to lock down palace. After Minerva jump kicked me off the platform seen on the upper right there I landed on one of those giant bridge support things, climbed the chain and jumped over to the highway.

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I wish the stats were as impressive as it’s acrobatic skills.

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Was looking for an old find, found these gun glitches in my pics.

I think the Support Machine Revolver looks a bit too goofy, but I can dig the S&S Sniper Machine Gun.

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Wth haha. What exactly am I looking at?

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new undiscovered “hybrid” guns

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Haha ok . Does that machine gun actually fire like a revolver? I see the revolver ammo thing.

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Yeah, it’s just the MG model stuck over a different gun.

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