Screenshots that make you go hmm Borderlands1 Edition

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Their little trap door elevator thing malfunctioned…I managed to coax 2 of these idiots into it. I laughed…then I murdered them.

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Haha OK so this time the door shut and there’s a guy still down there. He’s just shooting at the wall

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Greetings earthling…I want to kill you now!

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I got a monster to land squarely on its front grill one time and stay that way. I didn’t think to take a pic

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I was just admiring the artwork on the rear wing…


I feel like there should be a separate thread for videos, but I also feel like I would be the only one to post in such a thread. Therefore, I will post these here.

Borderlands Physics - Exhibit C

Sometimes Skagzilla gains telekinetic abilites.

I think I have an idea of what happened here, but i’m not sure.

I would’ve had another video of Skagzilla’s AI completely breaking, but my video recording software was being interfered with by an antivirus software I was trying out, causing it to put out corrupt files. I didn’t find out the antivirus was the problem until I lost video of another thing that happened later. Maybe it’ll happen again.

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and after…

Advanced parking skills…

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Stay still I’m taking a screenshot…say D E A D !!

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This school bus must be driving through some rough neighborhoods…

I didn’t know they had schools on Pandora!

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the colors lie

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Haha he’s still firing at you. That’s gangsta

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You don’t turn your gun sideways, you turn sideways!

Bandit died on a platform, and he’ll be damned if he isn’t moving!

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Has anyone but me ever thought about how bizarre these IV stands in the CF are? You can shoot them or melee them over…the bags move around, the wheels spin around. As far as I know these objects are a singularity in all BL, where you cannot interact with objects at all other than barrels. I wish there was more of this

they also say “Plano , tx” on the back. That’s right up the street from me.

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It’s strange that only two weapons are in this chest, it looks like this repeater wants to be a rocket launcher.

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That’s really bizarre…

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Also found this some time ago, it looks strange too.

That repeater wants to be assault rifle lol

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This is early game right? Yeah u see more weird combos early. I always remember that one chest over by titans end on the cliff that always has 1 repeater in it