Screenshots that make you go hmm Borderlands1 Edition

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First chest with RL is on PT1 second chest with AR is at lvl 69.

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I was thinking how cool it would be if one of these weapons was pearlescent or maybe even two…

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I hope this will never work…

We don’t need another hybrid…

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@Kurtdawg13 @billthebetta


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So, for those wondering what the hell is going on here, lemme explain.

On PC you can press the minus(-) key to drop the weapon you’re currently holding. I wanted to drop my current masher to compare it with something on the ground, but the binding seems to do strange things in lag/multiplayer sessions. This is what Stouty and Kurt saw when they looked at the gun I had dropped. One of those is actually the gun item, the bottom one is some weird phantom model.

Earlier, I also had dropped my main four guns, and two of them duplicated. I picked up the 4 guns I had dropped, leaving 2 phantom guns on the ground. Stouty grabbed these and sold them to a vendor. When I switched to those guns they were gone. Stouty had to buy them back from the vendor and give them back to me for them to actually work. Very strange stuff.

Also, there was that moment where Crawmerax jumped at me and none of us were able to catch a screenshot in time, very sad about that.

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Yeah but “requires secret armory” ? It’s purple…

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Also notice where we are lol.

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I thought these guys were ARMS dealers