Screenshots that make you go hmm Borderlands1 Edition

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Well that’s neat, there’s a new feature in the preview window when editing a post where you can change the size of uploaded pictures.

more car stuff

featuring the 75% and 50% options available

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Getting 4 of the same class mod in one chest. With @billthebetta

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Have yall ever noticed that on the load screen when entering the Dahl headland when the frame cuts off the top half of luckys sign it looks like it says ‘c…o…c…k…s…’ with the arrow pointing at the bandits? Hahaha

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holy ■■■■

odis, you madman

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #128

I feel Skagzilla will be killed couple times…

(odiscordia) #129

Bwaaaaahahahahaha now you can’t unsee it. And actually the load screen sign looks quite different than in game

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How so? Is the splash image a different size? It could be down to a resolution difference.

(odiscordia) #131

Well I’m not there now but it seems the font is different…the U isn’t a horseshoe…theres not 2 arrows…also…

level 56 hahaha. I tried. If I had better proficiency or a better launcher it would have worked I come here sometimes to meditate and reflect. .