Screw the new matchmaking system

This is what I think about the matchmaking

On a more serious note, me and a friend of mine that I usually play with don’t like the fact that sometimes we have to play a game mode/map we don’t like. Either that or having our team leave because they didn’t get their choice. I think it’s stupid.

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yeah its a bit weird… i dont really agree with it. luckily for me i love BB and all game modes and maps… so it doesnt bug me too much.

but i can see why some ppl r upset.

I agree the whole pick a map for the game mode is dumb , I like picking which game mode I wanted play , also the competitive play should just be a ranked incursion, the majority of people who wanted a ranked mode were incursion players.

Yeah ranked incursion sounds great its a lot better than being forced to play meltdown( I really hate meltdown)

I’m not sure what they’re thinking… it’s almost like they don’t play video game themselves. They have so much to fix or things they could be doing (making maps or new modes) but they’re trying to fix a problem that didn’t even exist.

I absolutely hate it. The matches are far too long for this to be ok. The modes are different enough that they barely feel like the same game. Personally I LOVE meltdown but HATE incursion & capture. It has been this way since the beta. I bought this game to play meltdown. I don’t enjoy the other modes whether I win or lose and shouldn’t be forced to play them.

Yeah same here man i love meltdown but apparently not many other people do.

I also like capture but it seems even more people hate capture lol.

Its like ill never get to play meltdown or capture ever again =[

incursion is gonna get kinda boring 100 times in a row

Was that image really necessary?

Not really. No reason to be so blatantly disrespectful to your hosts here. There are better ways to get your opinion across to them without that.