Screw this game

If you don’t count the game where 3 of the enemies were AFK I have a 13 game lose streak.

In the last 25 games I’ve lost 19.

■■■■ this game!

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Okay, so apparently I am not allowed to say “Cute. Get good, scrub.” So, I will say this instead.

This post would of had a better end result if you included a proper title and some actual context, otherwise it just looks like another person moaning about loosing, which I understand fully, I hate loosing but if you have lost that many games then something isn’t clicking with you.

Maybe find a team, or try a different mode, look up some guides (I hear this one guy called Lftstrafe is good for that – wink) but overall, practice. Try some bot games or story mode and get a feel for the game. Just a thought.


And here’s me on a 12/6 on Meltdown, every single one of my games has been with PUG’s… I don’t see what your problem is…

jion the discord chat and find poeple to group with

Maybe you are playing the modes wrong? Minions over anything else in Incursion or Meltdown. Stall a lane if you can not push it forward. Have to focus on what you are doing wrong first and not blame the teammates/opposition first.

the problem is way to many poeple are still focus on K/D ratio. my last match my team and enemy team both focusing on K/D ratio and it peeves me to high heaven hearing poeple brag MVP with 20 kills and 5 minions and im sitting here with 5 kills and 60 minion kills and im the reason why we lasted as long as we did in the match

we realy need a Death match mode so all those K/D poeple can flock there and leave us that one to play meltdown right alone


Capture is the big mode for a deathmatch. Problem is people do not understand what the importance is for each gamemode.

So… whats the complaint here?

Have you tried playing the PvE? If PvP isn’t workin’ for you they do have another option… this isn’t Overwatch or Halo… wait, does Halo still even have campaign?

(shots fired)

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Ha ha, funny man! Don’t know about the latest game, but Halo 4 Spartan Ops was something I enjoyed and is the closest thing I’ve played to BB’s campaign missions.

I’m just waiting for him to say but they had a gailiea on there team that’s why I lost nerf her please lol Jk but either get good playing bots if you aren’t good at the game practice or if its really bad teams that don’t know how to play team up with people. Either you aren’t good or its bad teams youv gotten.

Besides the whining TC is right
I literally can only play this game with friends
Playing with randumbs is painful

But, that’s the way it’s supposed to happen… Paradise Lost, right? :wink:

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Eh, I dunno, if you can’t play with randoms and win, then a game is flawed. You shouldn’t have to form a squad of friends to be able to actually win. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Since you are playing most often against another team of randoms, I don’t see how you can blame the game. There is just as much a chance you could have lucked out with better players on your team and win. Just a bad luck streak.

I dunno, this guy could be braindead and all the people who joined him.

But a losing streak this bad? What are the odds, if he had an entirely different team each time?

Meltdown is the worst mode to play with randoms as most play it like COD and don’t bother with escorting the minions. The good thing about this is as long as you escort them you will likely win since nobody else is. That’s why I find it surprising that you lost so many times.

Personally I think they should have just two modes with more maps: Incursion (1 and 2 lanes) and a straightforward Arena/TDM mode for those who just want to kill each other and ignore objectives. It would mean faster matchmaking and be no great loss since Meltdown and Capture are pretty lacklustre IMO.

Wierd OP. I play with random randoms and I tend to win 6-8/10 of my matches. Outside of playing as Thorn I wonder what the issue could be…

Jokes aside have you collaborated and grouped with people on the message boards? I’ve done that and have had a blast. Not only that, but everytime I group up with some people I’ve won between 7-9 of my matches. So if you’re tired of getting thrashed start grouping up with people and stop playing with difficult characters such as Thorn.

17/7 now, all with PUG’s… Not sure what you’re doing wrong "/, these are all on Meltdown btw and looking at your map “Paradise” it seems to be what you’re on…

Little tip, go left or right at the start and collect the shards, you should get around 300 just by doing this, then get a turret up asap and hold the lane… Focus on getting tier 3 turrets to help push your lane… Don’t just run all over the map, take out their accelerator, and bring yours online when you can… Look out for the shard spawns on the map and use them to upgrade your gear… and if you’re being pushed back by your opponents, ping the map (R3 on console) and more often than not someone will come to your aid :slight_smile:

Even with PUG’s I’m finding it pretty easy to win games, the ping feature comes in handy especially to call out targets without being on comms :slight_smile:

I feel ashamed for admitting it but I’m in the same boat as the OP. I play meltdown, mainly as Oscar Mike. Clear lanes, killing lots of minions > 60, most builds and objectives but I’m on a 10 win losing streak :stuck_out_tongue:

Every game is the same, my random team mates will have close to 0 builds and a handful of minion kills. I know the game isn’t broken as before exiting the starting area it plays a friggin video explaining how to win! Unfortunately I never get to play with people that have watched it.