Screw u triton flats to outlands cantons jump!

Taking my Clappybthrough TVHM
right now, got my Stingray, using my R2 to boost over the Lava Gap to gwt to Outlands Canyon.


Literally 10 times in a row…only very slightly drunk!


The real problem ^


Try to press r2 when you reach the slight lift, not before or it has not enough momentum to lift over the cliff.

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Tee hee her.

Thanks, guys!

Its tricky if u do it from the wrong spot. It is possible though.

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I’ve found that both with the Moon Buggy and the Stingray, you jump farther if you look up while jumping instead of where you want to land.


So much this. Even boosting while on the rise, you can still hit the lip on he opposite side if you aren’t aiming over the horizon.

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Some parts of the game are very annoying and this is one of them.

It’s actually quite easy.

Go full speed towards the ramp thingy, when you’re on the ledge, and only then, activate boost and look up. You’ll land on the cliff.

Don’t even need to look up if you time it right :wink:

What’s the problem? Hit the boost as soon as you reach the edge. I’ve never missed that jump, nor seen anyone who has.

I’ve landed it 10x in a row, then missed it 10x in a row. DON’T LOOK DOWN!

The other one that got me last night was the exit from the Temple of Boom - went to take a running jump, but just boosted straight ahead without jumping and fell short of the mid-way platform about 5x. Turns out that the last piece of ground just outside the entrance isn’t actually ground as far as the game physics are concerned, so it thought I was already in the air. You have to jump from inside the Temple; only then you can boost successfully.

I’m wuite embarassed i drunkenly posted this over the weekend!

Well, at least that’s a reasonable excuse for missing the jump 10x in a row. I was sober when I failed that many times. Hmmm…

The worst for was the Serenity Waste over to Concordia entrance jump, pre-patch…

The horror…the horror…

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I am stone cold sober and I missed it 15 times in a row so far! Its not me though, it must be a bug, er it cant be me, oh crap I suck at this jump.

I feel your pain. After landing it flawlessly any number of times, I hit a patch where I died almost 20 times in a row. Gotta hit the boost just before the lip, and gotta keep your aim point up.

In fact, if you get it right, you don’t land until you’re in the “tunnel” where the map transition is.

Yeah thanks, I finally got it doing what you and the others advised. I sure am glad it was only game money I was loosing!

Agreed. Between that and the one in Regolith Range… :frowning: