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Hello Battleborn players!

My goal is to create a place where we can help a larger portion of the community enjoy the gem that is the 10 man and also discuss the meta as we all know the different platforms have different meta’s.

I feel like the current 10’s are extremely exclusive, more fresh faces and different play styles would be great to see. Since the celebration of battleborn day it was great to see the community so active however seemed as if PvP didn’t have the spotlight for once. As a PvP player I want the spotlight back.

This isn’t just for the ‘try hards’ 10’s are only as serious as you want them to be, all skill range is welcome as plenty of people are more than willing to help make eachother better.

This isn’t just for PS4 players, I’m going to list a few PSN names I know will want to help and will arrange 10’s regularly. I also want this to be a resource for XBOX players, if any of you guys want to volunteer your GT so people can reach out and arrange 10’s just let me know and I’ll add it to this OP.

PSN Players:
Da_C_Dawgg @conorwillybums54
Ashbweh @Ashbweh
SirWalrusCrow @SirWalrusCrow
supernovasnipe @Supernovasnipe
Phoenix-2613 @Phoenix-2613

If anybody has footage of good 10’s, feel free to post it here. It’ll help give people a sense of what they’re like and should hopefully provide a safe place where we can analyse gameplay.


I’m hoping those that liked the public draft will be interested in this to experience the process again.

cough @HandsomeCam cough :smirk:

It’s always fun though to see fresh faces. I’ve been wanting to invite players who haven’t been much in 10s, like @Codarik & @AncientBelgareth, but haven’t due to the nature of the current 10s and not knowing if they’d be interested.

We brought in a couple of new players that hadn’t 10s before or in a while, and it worked out quite well. @Skenners may be able to provide some insight of how it was.

If you’re worried about not getting to play a characters you want or like to play, then it’s typically of no concern since most Captains will pick what everyone’s comfortable with within the framework of a decent general comp. If you’re in 10s with any of those mentioned in the OP, they will all pick characters the team members wanna play.

As far as the meta goes, the main difference in meta I don’t understand between the platforms is how ISIC isn’t meta on Xbox & PC.


ISIC wins games man, his sentry power is insane along side the permanent wound. I’m with you, I have no idea how he isn’t meta.

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When I tried to draft isic on pc the other day I was promptly shut down :frowning:

It’s a shame to because I recently played a game with him and was feeling pretty top tier with him at the moment.

What were the reasons you were shut down?

No idea I just sat there depressed. @RedX was there. He’ll know.

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Well, myself, Bel, Cod, Moody, MadJack and Throne have been having a balanced blast (<reminder to self: Patent as health drink name) in 3v3s, so it’s possible we could work something out. I don’t have a problem with anyone in this chat- I even like most quite a bit -but a few of the 10-man regulars are people I wouldn’t mind having nothing to do with; a reputation for toxicity follows you everywhere in this community, small as it is.

Anyways, I will be driving for the next hour, and unfortunately busy for most of the day visiting family; but I am definitely interested in taking this further, myself. :heart:


Glad to see you’re optimistic! We try to remove the toxicity but you know, some people vent in the heat of battle.

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And I can’t understand too much how Orendi isn’t valued more on PS4 actually. Even without Nihilism she is such a valuable tool for waveclear, sentry damage and follow up damage on stuns, Alani bubbles, knockups, …

But meta differences aside: oob has invited me to PS4 tens once a while ago. I can recommend getting in contact with those people. I wasn’t really used to the meta there and the general gameplay also differed a lot from what I know from PC, but everyone was very welcoming and super friendly even towards a total noob like me who has pretty much no useful gear and plays like someone who holds the controller with their feet.


I enjoyed it a lot. In pubs 90% of the time it’s stomp or get stomped. All the matches I played were close and fun as hell.

There was zero toxicity as far as I’m aware.

One thing I did note which I think might help is that there were some top tier players who didn’t do particularly well in some of the matches, then went on to smash it in other matches. It made me slightly less worried about having a bad match because it showed it can happen to anyone. So if people’s concerns are about letting the team down, it didn’t seem a huge issue.


Can confirm I’ve had my fair share of bad matches :joy:


Yeah it’s all about getting better and having a game that isn’t a stomp like you said!


Orendi is meta, just strongly disliked. There were and are several players running around in pubs who use Nihilism + Lorrian + Voxis and I’m pretty sure it just turned everyone off the character.


Regarding you orendi value, I guess she can be killed so easy. Also her range is limited. That’s how I see it anyway

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Also her ult doesn’t work half the time :confused:


Yeah, sadly met a few of those …

Honestly was just surprised that I never saw anyone pick or ban her and when I wanted to try her in the PS4 tens she was saved for last pick even with a Kelvin already on my team - which is a pretty brutal combination.


Hopefully this won’t be too much of an issue. We’re aware that some in the regular 10s are terribly welcoming, so when setting these up I don’t think we’re going to invite anyone who can’t have more casual games for those who wanna have a swing at this.


And I also just wanna mention that if MadJack joins, his connection should be yellow bar and not red.

Alice joins the 10s intermittently w/o connectiom issues, and we found a good wnough server to balance the connection between Aisan, American and European players when we were doing 10s against a Japanese team.

Certainly. She’s not overlooked per se, but she’s just not an insta pick on PS4. Her damage is fantastic and can do wonders, but generally other characters just take presedence because the Captain/team wanta a co-push, another sustained range, a skirmisher such as Caldarius/Mellka etc.

I think this is a big part of it. Most of the top tier players have inflated reputation, so it’s more reflective to see their performance in such environments.

It’s close to a non-issue. At least those mentioned in the OP knows to not attach too much meaning to KDA by itself for instance. There’s so much more to it than the scoreboard, and I feel like 10s are great in that sense since the participants generally value specific plays and contributions during the match more than the scoreboard that comes after.

Edit; The typos are atrong within this one.


I’ve always been interested in 10s, I’ve been in 10s several times in the past and always had fun. The thing that keeps me away from them is the fact there always 1 or 2 people in the 10 that I’ve had negative interactions with. I don’t like the feeling of resentment or awkwardness so I tend to stay away from it. I would like to be in 10s more but if only those people were not taking part in it at the time or at the very least be willing to play nice.


I will be having Monday through Wednesday off all summer likely, after I am out of classes in a week, and will probably be online quite a bit. So feel free to invite me if you see me on anything other than 7 Days to Die or the new God of War (which I plan to pick up soon). It’s been too long since I’ve played with @SirWalrusCrow, @Ashbweh and @Phoenix-2613, and I look forward to possibly doing so again in the near future.

That being said, there are a few things that’ll turn most of you off of me being in 10-mans pretty quickly… First and foremost, I might drink if it is hosted later (around the same that you usually see me and my usual crew); and while I can hold my own up until a point, I WILL start to become a detriment. I will dive with Rath, I will miss most hooks with Ghalt, etc. Half the people in this thread can likely recall an instance or two where I have went 0/5-6 or 1-2/10, and there was a reason for that… Second, I can only play four characters on what can be considered a competitive level against the better players here, and I am a shadow of what I used to be with Toby. I can play roughly a third of the cast competently, but I’d still likely hurt my team. Finally, I talk. Like, a lot. Sometimes I bitch, sometimes i mope; most of the time I’m cracking jokes and being an idiot. So if there is too serious an atmosphere in these things, I won’t belong there, haha.

That pretty much makes up all of my faults… My one pro is that, even when I bitch or moan, it never carries past each match. I’ll swear or speak to my detriment all match long, then say GG and start laughing again in the lobby. It’s like I’m bipolar, or something…

This is a public thread… Isn’t it? Ah, screw it; I’m posting it anyways! :drooling_face:


I’d be happy to get involved in some of these. I mostly solo queue, especially on PSN, and haven’t really been involved in beyond a handful of 10s.

PSN: snidelywhupass
XBL: SnidelyWhipsass