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That’s more than most! You worry too much, you’ll be fine! Trust me


Next time 10’s happen we’ll try to get you in, along side @Codarik will be great to have you both.

(Vagrantsun) #23

Considering Toby himself is a shadow of what he used to be, don’t sweat it.

If you can play at least one push, one healer, and one DPS, you’re alright for 10s. The vast majority of the cast in competitive is flex roles anyways to build around that solid core, depending on the individual BB.

10s aren’t super serious, it’s just where you can get a decent shot at fair games with good teammates, which is extremely rare in pubs these days. Excluding terrible randoms and having a team that communicates is a nice change from the usual shenanigans.

Mind, I don’t do them myself.


Couldn’t have put it better. I really hope more poeple join so they can experience what they’re all about!

(Deandes in crime) #25

Like as @conorwillybums54 said, and coming from someone who’s in the same boat, you don’t need to worry about this being an issue as captains will often try to build a working team comp based around what people can, can’t, and sometimes want to play. There’s a very small little chance that you’ll actually end up playing a character that you have little or no experience with in a competitive scenario. I’m rather lacking in terms of character diversity, so I’m usually playing the same handful of characters within 10s too due to me being either completely trash or semi competent at most with everybody else, so you’re certainly not the only one. Despite all of this however, I still rather enjoy 10s.


From what I remember you were rather reluctant to join 10’s to begin with right?

(Deandes in crime) #27

Yeah. I guess the whole reason why I was holding back on playing at first, was because I was too afraid to join. Due to me being shy and having very little confidence in my abilities to play well within a competitive environment at the time, the prospect of jumping into a competitive game with people I hardly knew, who were also regarded as some of the best players, just put me off until I finally mustered up enough courage to join for once.

There were other reasons too, but I was probably overthinking it waaayyy too much to be perfectly honest. :sweat_smile:

(The Title Master) #28

One thing I would like to see is more people volunteering to be captain. Usually people don’t want to do it and it always ends up being the same people captaining, at the start of 10’s anyway. The more you get into captaining the more you’ll enjoy. Drafting for me is sometimes more fun the game itself :stuck_out_tongue:

I highly recommend people do use their mics. The majority of bad 10’s are ones where 3/5 people are off mic/not talking. Even if you’re not talking about the game, it’s a lot more fun when everyone is chatting and whatnot.


It just comes down to confidence really, maybe we could enforce a rule on it?

(Penguin connoisseur.) #30

No need, I will rule you people now. I will be fair but firm, though Great Eagle help you if I hear any bad-mouthing about Toby. :smirk:

(Skenners) #31

Knowing who your teammates are good with, and who the enemy teammates are good with is also a big factor. If you don’t know them very well it’s difficult to draft effectively.

I’d be uncomfortable captaining a team of more experienced players if I don’t know who can play what

(Ckx00000) #32

Im down to the doodoo dirt ground to play.

(BM tutor) #33

Experienced players typically know their limits and they’ll let you know who they can play out of what the team needs. The only thing the captain should worry (worry is still probably a strong word lol) about is predicting what the other captain will pick and working to out draft their picks.


Like @Supernovasnipe said, it’s not just if they’re good with X character it’s how they play that character an example is, a player who shall be unnamed is a great melee dive but I know that they’re strong point isn’t sustained lane presence so when I come up against this person I know to bully them out of lane to force a 4v5.

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I came out to have a good time but I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.

(The Title Master) #36

Feels bad to be you huh : p

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I got you Nova
picture of Ashbweh, Conor - two proud Bristolians - while hosting ten man’s circa 2016

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I ■■■■■■■ love you :joy:


I’m the pretty one.

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The picture doesn’t capture all 18 of my fingers though :confused: