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Theys got dem Mr. Potatohead ears…

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This is a 10 man from a while back, from the POV of @lemuren97 playing as Miko!

Looking back at this is odd because Gali wasn’t picked or banned. For me at least I’ve only seen her played once.

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My daughter and partner in crime: Emsword330.

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I’ll add you tonight.

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What time are 10s usually played? I’m currently available from around 11PM to 2AM GMT, (think that’s 6PM to 9PM EST).

My sleeping pattern is a lot more normal than usual, but it will probably revert back to me being up until 6AM soon enough

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Here’s some Ambra gameplay from our most recent 10s a few days ago.

Being the support on Monuments and having to try and keep susceptible targets like Ghalt & Toby alive against two of the best Caldarius & Mellka players had me somewhat worried to say the least, but it worked out in the end.

Thanks to lots, and lots of CC.

There’s sadly no usual time for when they happen, it’s really sporadic and can happen at almost any time to be honest as it’s just a matter of having enough on at the same time.

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This 10 is so very interesting, the draft alone has so many details.

  1. Never give a team Ghalt and Rath, when this happened I thought they were done for.

  2. The other team then perfectly drafts to counter the Ghalt and Rath combo.

I was 100% sure team 2 was going to win when I saw the first two picks but by the end I thought it was close to even, maybe slightly in the favour of team 2.

I’m curious to know how others score the draft.

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So in my opinion, the three best CCs in the game are Sublimate, Catalytic Smash and Ghalt’s hook post level 4 (Not necessarily in that order, that’s subject to debate). In comp there should never be more than one of these on the same team. Looking at the end score of the game it’s obvious considering Ghalt had a 93% kill participation out of 30 deaths and Rath had a 73%. I’ve said this dozens of times but Ghalt is a much bigger threat on Monuments than people seem to think and I don’t know why he isn’t respected as much as he is on Overgrowth.

Team one should have probably picked someone like WF or Marquis instead of Mellka just for sentry kill power and to have a Toby counter. If you aren’t going to ban Ghalt or Rath, I would leave Kelvin up on the board as well. As much as it sucks to play Kelvin on Monuments and/or against Ghalt, he is one of the few characters that can peel well enough to save a teammate from a coordinated Ghalt pull.

Something you have to think ahead about when drafting team one is what the first three picks will be. There will be enough power picks to fairly reliably guess at the first three picks. (Power picks being characters that have a very dominating presence in the draft). After the bans, power picks were Orendi, Ghalt, Rath, Galilea, Miko and Montana.

If team one picked anyone other than Ghalt or Rath, team two would guarantee pick both. Picking Montana into that combo counters him so hard that he might as well lose his place as a power pick so that leaves Miko and Orendi. Orendi wasn’t picked, most likely for the previously mentioned reason of she just leaves a bad taste in most PS4 players’ mouths. So that leaves Miko while giving team two Montana. Team one gets two power picks while team two gets three.

Here’s an alternative draft given those bans: Team one picks Ghalt. Team two has to pick Rath or deal with Ghalt/Rath combo. At this point team two is already kind of screwed. They have one pick left and no matter what they do, team one comes out on top. They pick Galilea, Team one gets Montana Miko on Monuments to back up Ghalt. They pick Montana, Team two gets to counter that with Gali/Ghalt (easy pull into wound/stun) while getting Miko/Gali which takes a stupid amount of commitment to kill. They pick Miko, than the enemy team gets Gali as a main tank to draw attention while Montana, gets to be off tank and focus on laying down damage.

The moral is always ban Ghalt. Every game he gets play he is a dominating factor. If you do decide to let Ghalt through make sure he’s not paired with one of the other best CCs in the game.

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What was the total healing with that Ambra? Did you check?

I never really take Ceremonial ritual, but it looks like it could be useful when attempting to heal a tankier character

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Mmm keep these discussions going, I love reading about draft strategy and despite a healthy understanding of the game I’m regularly humbled by people’s choices because there are drafts I see that work much better than I think they will. Like Conor, I thought team 2 had the advantage here.

In the above example I would point out that the player in question makes an enormous difference. There are less than 5 players who I believe would warrant a Ghalt ban on Monuments (in this case the error was leaving it to Sloth). I still believe it’s a map that favours dive comps.

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I don’t think either draft was particularly bad. Team 1 had better CC but team 2 had counters and characters that are generally better on Monuments. Team 2 simply got outplayed.

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(You have the team numbers mixed, team one had Gali, team two had Ghalt/Rath)

I disagree. Team 1 was a major disadvantage in terms of comp. The team comp was lacking on CC and damage in comparison to team 2. Yes Caldarius and Mellka are strong on Monuments but with them being the primary sources of damage you don’t have any sentry kill power and pushing objective is very difficult. Not to mention that’s not enough ranged damage to keep Montana and Toby in check.

The difference in damage dealt is just under 120k between the two teams. I’d be curious to know how much of that was sentry damage.

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It’s honestly the better choice in most cases. It covers two of her stronger weaknesses by letting her heal while sunspots are on cooldown and increasing the amount of healing she can give to a single target (sunspot+the beam is actually a decent healing rate)

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Gali and Shayne is a good amount of CC, along with Miko too, but the main problem is that it was almost never used. There was literally 0 teamwork with team 1 which is why they (we) lost.

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I disagree with your disagree… I don’t think team 1 had a lack of CC by any means. I however do agree that melka was 1 a bad pick and 2 a strangely early pick.

I agree with @Ashbweh due to the fact that it wasn’t a lack of CC just that the CC wasn’t used well. Atall, especially when you can take into consideration Shayne can put Toby through the forcefield as @lemuren97 has experienced before. (Correct me if I’m wrong though not 100% sure on that)

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Note that I said in comparison to team two. Gali and shayne bring decent CC but can’t hold a candle to a team with Toby, Ghalt, Rath and Montana. It,s two to three hard CCs and some slow fields vs 5 hard CCs and Montana/Ghalt slows.

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Nonetheless I don’t think the CC on the team was why they lost.

I’m in the same boat haha, I love discussing it!

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Yeah, @lemuren97 told me that Ghalt, Rath, Montana, Thorn, ISIC and Kelvin are almost always bans, and I said: “Well, then it would be pretty hard for @Codarik, @AncientBelgareth and myself to join 10-mans, because each of us main at least two of those characters”, haha. That’s not even mentioning that Toby is all but impossible to pick without getting countered to sh*t, unless you pick him late in the draft.

Still, I’ll see what I can do. I still have Reyna! She’ll be of use in 10-mans, right?! Hysterical laughter that turns into sobs.


Reyna is much better than she gets credit for. As solo healer she isn’t too hot, but pair her with Alani and you can build a nice team around her (well, at least we do it quite often on PC that way).

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You bet your tailfeathers, she is; especially with her lore legendary, which actually DOES allow her to heal tolerably well if you get it early on in a match. All you need to do is yell “STAND THE F*CK STILL IF YOU DON’T WANNA DIE, FOOL!!”, and then heal said fool with pulse shots. In fact, Reyna’s lore legendary and the Long Goodbye (for suicide Toby) are the only two legendaries I use anymore.