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Even without. Overshields are not affected by wound, so they are a really good method to rescue people from imminent danger and characters with DR in their kit just love them. Level her up to 6 and you have the only really useful cleanse in your kit and can knock people out of a stun, bubble, blink storm (Beatrix’s cleanse has too short of a range to be of any use other than taking a slow off of herself). Priority target with a good DPS on your team is pretty much a guaranteed kill and when you take the slow while shooting affected enemies you only make life easier for your DPS.

She works, she is no wasted pick … and she is fun to play.


We actually used Reyna as a solo support on monuments when we played against Dunksquad, it was very effective.

Anybody can be played, the ‘meta’ is defined by the players.

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Whether or not I take the slow or the homing shots on level 2 always depends on the composition of both teams for me. If I feel my team doesn’t have enough CC, or if the enemy team is comprised of mostly large or mid-sized characters, I go slow; if the enemy team is comprised largely of squishy mobile characters like Mellka, Thorn or Benedict, then I go homing. I’ve consistently found that the homing shots will scare such characters out of lane when you have the no heat build-up on overshield helix, and I’ve gotten probably 30-40% of my Reyna kills with them.

I also don’t much care for the cleanse, unless the enemy team is all or mostly hard CC, in which case they are probably chaining it anyways…

I’ve found her sufficient as well; it’s just a matter of hitting lvl. 4 ASAP.

Good to hear! Hopefully I get to play some of my other mains when I join!


There’s a huge hole for some characters, earnest was one but then fluffy changed all that. I’m looking forward to newer people coming in to shake up the meta.

The first time we played against the Japanese team we got destroyed by their pendles, we didn’t expect it as nobody really picks him in 10’s.

Id love to see more consistent Beatrix picks and comps that actually work.


RedX, Retro and even I also played her successfully as solo healer on PC sometimes. It can work, but she can’t put out as much healing as her competition (shields are a different topic and those sometimes are enough to sustain the team). I consider her risky as solo healer and personally prefer a second support as backup plan.


Beatrix, Alani, Reyna and then either El Dragon, Phoebe or Attikus are a nasty combination :wink:


Might be a nasty combination but to base a whole comp around that is awful risky. I don’t like having double supports to be fair, I feel like you miss out on too much damage, not saying it can’t work buy that’s just the way I see it.


Especially El Dragon can dish out a ridiculous amount of damage in this comp and with all the DR from his kit, Alani and Beatrix and cleanse from Reyna he can stomp his way through the enemy team like a knife through butter. Also you still have a spot left to introduce some additional CC sponge or some more damage into this comp.

It’s late game and you have to get there, but I’ve played on both sides of such a comp and it worked pretty good very often.

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Provided the bans remained the same, I likely would’ve projected the draft to be;

Team 1

  • Montana

The first pick’s arguably the most difficult one to predict given the characters available, and I think it primarily comes down to personal preference to some degree. I myself would’ve picked Montana in this situation due to his i initiation & disruption capabilities, sentry power & sheer tankiness late game.

Team 2

  • Ghalt
  • Rath

They see that these two are open and outright go for them to get a strong combo right out of the gate which is ensured to limit Montana’s potential impact.

Team 1

  • Galilea
  • Miko

They now double down on their frontline and lane presence. Should one tank fall, they now have another to fall back on. They got more hard CC, slows & now wound to help secure any kills they may get.

Team 2

  • Whiskey Foxtrot
  • Alani

They need ranged DPS at the moment, which primarily comes down to Marquis, Toby & Whiskey. Toby’s ruled out due to him being picked into Montana and likely another range Team 1 may pick later in the draft. Marquis is then ruled out because Team 2 realises they need a wound, which leaves Whiskey Foxtrot. They’re uncertain as to what to pick next. If they picked anything other than a support, their comp would more or less be finalised, meaning Team 1 can counter pick the last two picks against their comp. So they decide to pick a support to allow themselves to respond to the enemy’s comp. Alani then would probably be the best choice since no one’s requires a pocket healing on the team so far as well as the Geyser being a nice follow up or disruption.

Team 1

  • Marquis
  • Caldarius/Mellka

Team 1 now picks 2 damage characters. Assuming there are no Toby players on Team 1, Marquis is likely the best choice here for sustained DPS and to reliably wear Team 2 down. For their 2nd pick they want a dive character, someone who provides damage in pushes. So they’d likely look at Attikus, Phoebe, Mellka or Caldarius. Any of them could be picked here, but they would likely be turned off by the prospect of Attikus or Phoebe going up against Rath, so it’d likely be Mellka or Caldarius. But this pick is also player dependant. Had I been there to play this role I would liked Attikus or Phoebe, had it been Ash he likely would’ve preferred Mellka or Caldarius.

Team 2

  • Orendi

By this point, Team 2’s rather lacklustre in comparison, and they could really use two picks here instead of one to fully round their comp since they need both damage and frontline. Damage however takes precedence here. No frontline’s going to beat Team 1’s frontline, so it’s somewhat of a wasted pick to try and compete with the frontlines, so they instead double down on damage to ensure they can get picks accordingly. While susceptible to Mellka, they end up picking Orendi for raw damage since that’s what they’ll need to puncture through the defences of Team 1.

By this point, I’d give it to Team 1.

I healed somewhere between 110K-119K as opposed to Miko who did somewhere between 90K-99K.

It’s useful for sure. I don’t pick it as often as I’d like/should, but the helix just feels really awkward to me.

The main reason why I chose it that match was because I wanted to be able to try and save the more susceptible targets on our team that were Ghalt & Toby from the dives of Caldarius & Mellka. Another reason was to provide better healing for Montana if he could get in on the sentry. Towards the of the match I got up to 400+ H/s on Montana who was running 3 healing received bonuses from his gear (not sure of his helix).

It’s 100% true & 127% obnoxious.

She doesn’t need another support to fall back on so much as her teammates running health regen to mitigate especially the early game’s lack of proper heals.

The only time you see double supports in PS4 10s is if you have a healer and pick Beatrix or Kleese alongside that. Beatrix then to suppress the enemy frontline while buffing your own while Kleese is just used straight up as a DPS in the vast majority of cases.

When we went up against Dunk Squad they drafted Alani-Reyna, and it became quite a decisive win at 100-0 on OG because their comp was lacklustre as a result of doubling down on supports to save their frontline.

This right here. When I drafted regularly on Monuments, my signature draft was to always go for the same three characters; Phoebe, ISIC & Montana. I don’t think I lost any match where I got all of those 3. Then players started catching on to that and would ban or pick some of those from me, and my drafting crumbled to say the least.

Now, months later, ISIC & Montana have become frequent bans (neither of which were at the time) & players have gotten so accustomed to dives now that someone like Phoebe just gets squeezed whenever she gets picked.

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Uh…hi. I don’t post in here and I’m on my phone so forgive me for not doing that nifty thing of citing quotes from the post you’re replying to.

I just want to say that as the captain of team 2, there were definitely a lot of things going on here. Youmissed and I don’t captain very often, so we probably tend to miss things that more veteran captains wouldn’t (I.E. him letting us have Ghalt Rath, and me underestimating Mellka and Caldarius’s effectiveness at countering Toby, which almost lost us the game).

Whoever said never give sloth Ghalt is 100% correct. We wouldn’t have won without him landing his pulls, along with some clutch stuns from Arachniiis. A lot of people say Ghalt Rath is the best cc combo in the game, but without hook accuracy, Ghalt is essentially dead weight and Rath’s effectiveness is greatly diminished, especially if there’s no one else on frontline. So as a sidenote, leaving Ghalt up and baiting a team without a competent Ghalt player into picking him is actually a pretty good strategy I’ve seen employed before.

I didn’t expect the early Mellka pick from team 1 either - Ash is an excellent Mellka, making it a viable choice, but he typically runs green (or blue? I can’t remember) eldrid gear, so once he goes down, it’s hard getting that gear back up to full effectiveness, which is pretty painful for Mellka. I also considered it a plus to be able to pick up Montana, who adds a lot to any comp, as mentioned above.

Also, I would not typically pick Toby on Monuments - as others have said, it’s really not a great map for him. It was more of a sentimental pick for Vagrant, who almost never joins in for 10s, and has often been target banned in the past when he does join. Honestly, I think he’d have objectively preferred Marquis, and had team 1 last picked Marquis (as I expected them to do, but went with Caldarius instead), we certainly wouldn’t have picked Toby into that. However, the lack of real (sniper) range made Toby a more reasonable pick. Even so, I wouldn’t have made that pick without some of the best Toby players in the game on the team.

Overall, I felt the comps were fairly even, but team 2 both landed and followed up on their cc better, which was ultimately the reason we won, in my opinion.

Finally, shout out to crow for letting me random Rath, so I didn’t have to play Ambra. :wink:

(Jennerit Supremacist) #70

I think that you are missing part of my argument. I was pointing out the difference in CC as one of the reasons they lost in comp but not the sole reason.

Look back to the video and notice how each sentry goes down. Team two lost their first sentry mainly to minion wave damage and then having Mellka dance around it for 2 or 3 minutes to chip away at the last 6 points of health. There were multiple times before the first time when a strong push could have been made to take sentry but the team’s only damage was Caldy and Mellka who are terrible with sentry killing. Than look to how team two killed each sentry. Montana and Toby just focused it down to together and shredded the first sentry and later keeping a constant pressure on the second until destroying it.

Monuments favors long range damage and mobility (hence the Benedict, Thorn and ISIC bans) I have always believed that long range damage will win you games more often than super mobile characters. Choosing Caldy and Mellka over someone with the ability to push sentry is the reason I say they were lacking on damage and one of the reasons their comp was weaker.


My bad. In that case, I agree ahha!

Completely agree with them lacking damage. Looking back now I think the largest reason they had the weaker comp was the Mellka and Caldi together, not they they’re bad characters atall, it’s just lacking that sentry power. I think Marquis or Whisky would have been more favourable over Mellka, to me Caldi provides more to a team.

Seems like everyone is coming to an agreement. Want somebody to come along and stir it up.

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10’s needs more Echelon

(Penguin connoisseur.) #73

I know this^ is an intentional troll, but damn it, I second it! :smirk:

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Or more face-off. Whatever, I’m easy

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At least let me buy you dinner first. I’m classy like that.

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I’ll even be happy with Outback capture if I’m seduced enough

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I’m gonna vomit

(Skenners) #78

Don’t act like you wouldn’t like a seshalon on Echelon

(Penguin connoisseur.) #79

Oh, you dirty boy…

Oh, stop being such a prude; it’s 2018! People should be allowed to play in whatever mode they want, on whatever map they want! Come out of Bots Battle already… :smirk:

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Whenever I’ve been host I’ve been so tempted to put it on Echelon. Tbh I do wanna try some games on it since it’s been so long since there’s been a competitive game on there. On paper the map is bad but who knows, it might end up being fun!