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I personally believe, that if you lift the honor ban on a character, and he is not immediatly banned, or 1st picked, or winning every game, the ban might have been unjustified.


I think it would be interesting to see how 10’s play without him honour banned. He has been banned for so long, if he were to be unbanned, I think it would have to have numerous ‘play test 10’s’.

(The Title Master) #103

He’s unbanned at the moment, It’s not too bad.


That’s what we always said in PC tens. :stuck_out_tongue:

I always was quite happy with the “no legendaries, no nihilism, no Clothesline+Ult, no Title Fight on sentry”-ruleset we played on PC. Always found we had dealt with all the annoying stuff that way and the only problems we had were related to the fact that teams can’t be balanced properly anymore. Oscar isn’t and never was the only character who can cheese the sentry.


Glad to hear it.

(Skenners) #106

No Title fight on sentry? Thats new to me. Is there something cheesy about it that I don’t know about?


If you position the ring of fire in the right spot it counts for the sentry to exit and enter it repeatedly and it takes damage basically every gametick. It’s a hitbox problem and kinda similar to those bore exploits in BL2.

Can sometimes nuke a sentry within seconds and no one can do anything about it even when you kill Dragon. Much more cheesy than other sentry backdoor techniques where the backdoorer at least has to stay alive.

(Darth Huggles) #108

Is overshielding a sentry with Kleese considered an exploit?