Script Functions Metadata

I’ve been working on a script editor for HomeWorld RM. One thing I need is a machine-readable version of Homeworld function library metadata - essentially the Karos Graveyard function reference but in markup that can be parsed. This would make is easier for me to get all the metadata into the editor (used for intellisense features). Would anyone happen to have such a thing? XML would be ideal but I’ll take anything that can be parsed better than trying to screen scrape Karos Graveyard web pages.


reach out for @Mikali , he probably can help you (us) …

You’re going to have to do a lot of copying and pasting. None of the wikis are formatted to exact enough specs to allow for importing using scripts.

Yeah I figure I’ll write a program that manages 90% of it, then fix the results function by function. Best I can do.