[SCRIPTING] Tech stealing script

I have been trying for days on end to figure this one out but have had no luck. I have been trying to make a script that does the following:

1: checks to see if the player has the targeted ship (which has been captured)
2: docks the targeted ship
3: kills the targeted ship when docked
4: unlocks research to build that ship

Do any of you guys have any ideas on what I can do?

Never mind, I figured it out. I even got it to work now by retiring the ship


Never mind. It doesn’t work by retiring. I am now just gonna replace the retiring to docking but it won’t kill the ship this time.

It works! This function will be included in the Cataclysm Remastered Mod for the Beast.


So if the beast want to build a ship, they need to capture it and then dock it? Makes sense.

Yep. However, you dock it with the mothership and the mothership must be set to “stay docked”.

I couldn’t get it to work with Sobgroup_IsDoingAbility(CustomGroup, AB_Retire)==1

Why was it not possible with retiring? I write have thought you could just order the ship to retire, check if it is docked, if docked, enable the research…

I did that but it wouldn’t work. The retire command kills the ship before it completely enters the hangar bay.

I tried this but It wouldn’t work

If Sobgroup_IsDoingAbility(CustomGroup, AB_Retire)==1 then
SobGroup_DockSobGroupAndStayDocked(CustomGroup, "BeastMothership")

Hmm, maybe you can’t cancel the retire command…

I guess not

Now I have to start remastering the rest of the ships (Somtaaw ships and subsytems, Beast Mothership and subsystems, and the Cruise Missile). I would greatly appreciate it if I had help.

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I know a remastered kuun lan exists. I just need to get it.

I found this

Does anyone have a copy of those?


Would you care to share the solution that you found?
All of these kinds of posts would be far more valuable (invaluable) to the community if the solutions were posted. I get excited when I see a topic such as “[SCRIPTING] Tech stealing script”. WOW! How very cool is that… and then, what a disappointment it is to find that there is not new knowledge to be gleaned from reading the post.

Sorry about that. Things have been hectic over on my end. I’ll post it now.

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When using the tech stealing script, you’ll need to have two scripts.

The first will be placed on the mothership. (Make sure it has subsystem slots.)

function Create_[Faction]_Mothership(CustomGroup, playerID, shipID)

function Update_[Faction]_Mothership(CustomGroup, playerID, shipID)


SobGroup_FillShipsByType( “[FactionMothership]”, CustomGroup, “[Faction_Mothership” )

The second script should be placed for the unit you’ve assimilated tech from.

function Create_[Faction]_[Ship](CustomGroup, playerID, shipID)

function Update_[Faction]_[Ship](CustomGroup, playerID, shipID)

if SobGroup_IsDockedSobGroup(CustomGroup, “[FactionMothership”) then
SobGroup_CreateSubSystem("[FactionMothership", “[StolenUnitFactility]”)



Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to share that with the community.

I must admit that although much of your explanation is, as it currently stands (above) difficult for me at this stage of my inexperience to directly interpret (e.g. “placed on the mothership” - I am presuming that this might be contained within a custom code lua file), this kind of community troubleshooting and transparency is what I came to expect during the Relic News Forum years.

I do not want to trouble you for a more in-depth explanation, but this is the kind of Wow! post with exciting information that keeps the community alive and has kept me enthralled with Homeworld for over two decades.

Again, thank you for your time and effort,