Scuttling under Salvage?

Shouldn’t we be allowed to scuttle ships that are being salvaged? Seems odd it is not an option.

But where’s the fun in that?


Just seems a bit unfair not to have that option considering when you use infiltrators or marine frigs you can scuttle up until the half way mark. It feel a bit unbalanced in that regard. Plus, you are effectively making the unit being salvaged useless when it is under the salvage vettes influence.

I’ll argue that infiltrators make the unit usable as soon as it’s finished where salvage has to haul it back, dock it and refit it.

If you want to imagine a reason you can’t scuttle, imagine that when enough salvage vettes are attached to a target they send a paralyzingly wave of energy throughout the ship that prevents the crew from scuttling.

It’s called a Radio Anti Termination wave or a RAT wave because FU I came up with it :sunglasses:


And you can always chase down your ships and take out the salvagers.

The point is, even if you are not going to salvage, the salvage corvettes make your ship useless as they latch on. Unless, I am mistaken, all it takes is one vette to latch? (they may have changed it to all, not sure).

Regardless, it seems a bit counter-intuitive to common sense. The vettes are essentially tugs. They shouldn’t be able to neutralize every capability on a ship being “salvaged”. Then there should be a salvage time where we should be able to scuttle.

Sure, I suppose we can come up with some way to rationalize it in a science fiction manner, but I figured if we want to keep some sort of balance then there should be a time constrained option to scuttle. Seems only fair.

Balance wise, if you allowed scuttling of latched ships you would effectively void the salvage corvette. A scenario: You capture a destroyer. When you finally are able to dodge all the enemy ships that are trying to destroy your salvagers, you make it back to the mothership and just as you’re getting ready to release the destroyer your opponent scuttles it…


Hmmm, yes, that does make a lot of sense, but seems easily avoidable.

Does not allowing some sort of timer after all the salvages latch on (like with marines and infiltrators) balance that out though? Because once you have made the distance to your MS, which is usually very short anyway, it is an instant capture.

So when combined, the salvage corvettes just neutralize your unit and then pretty much instant cap it minus the time it takes them to move the unit. Salvage corvettes seem like an overpowered defense because it disables important units, essentially indefinitely if you want them to? The capping just seems like a huge bonus.

You are hampered by false assumptions here sir. Your ship is NOT useless, it is engine-less. Even a single salvage corvette on a destroyer will cut out the engines, and ONLY the engines. That destroyer if left alone can kill the salvager on it’s own if it is targeted on the salvager before being latched on. If not then it will just continue to attack the target it was on until that target is dead.

I know this for a fact because I have lost games to BCs with 6 salvage corvettes on them coming to my MS and one finally dyeing as it gets close to my MS and the BC starts shooting my MS with the ion cannons. I’ve had an enemy destroyer sit near a carrier attacking it with one salvette on it and I couldn’t attack it with the new anti-attack code.

So yeah they are not able to be scuttled while a salvette is on them but they are also not useless if there are less than the total number required to capture the ship.

As it is I have had people scuttle the destroyers and carriers just after the ships are let go into my MS but before they get in, totally wasting all the effort to capture the damn thing.

Yea I’m not a fan of the new attack code. I’d rather be able to attack and rely on my ability to tell friendlies not to attack than not be able to attack a disabled ship.

It completly negates the strategy of using salvettes as disablers.

Question though. Is it only the engines, or is it engines and hyper drive?

I’d rather the “no shoot” effect activate only when ALL salvage corvettes are attached. Not just one, cos then it can still fire back!


Did you not read my post? That IS how it works, the ships stop firing ONLY when all salvettes needed to capture it are attached.

To be honest I don’t know. I think it does affect hyper too because of all the hw1 frigs I’ve caught and the lone carrier or two but it may be they didn’t have the rus for a jump too.

It’s funny because if you were to pit one salvage corvette and BC against each other in the deep of space, wouldn’t the one vette latching on to the BC cause a stalemate? What about an Ion frigate?

Because how often do we see the point defenses of a BC take out a salvage vette? Which would also depend on where it latched in relation to point defense placements on BC?

Well let me just say there is a reason I send at least 9 salvage corvettes after a BC. Those damn point defense guns take them out amazingly fast. I guarantee a single salvette on a BC all on it’s own will kill the vette in no time.

There is a reason why people crow about capturing a BC with salvage corvettes.

As for the ion, yeah it is hosed, lol, nature of the ship gun placement.

No no. I meant that YOUR ships stop firing at a captured ship, not the captured ship itself.

Can keeping a unit out of battle, even if its just its movement, can be looked at as an asymmetric advantage? :wink:

Ah my bad, sorry.

It is only out of the battle from an enemy targeting stand point, YOU can still fire, the enemy can not fire on it.

Well, anything with Ion cannons is just kind of screwed which means both the BC and Ion Frigates, no? So the only difference is that the BC can at least fire at any enemy units within its now limited firing range because of the salvage vette(s).

Not to mention using the point defense lasers on the vette attached. So what is the issue? That vette dies and now your BC can move again. The question I have to ask is why is the BC all alone?

I wouldn’t go so far as to say anything with ions is screwed, even ion frigs will fire if an enemy ship gets into the firing arc of the main gun. Perhaps you need to try using salvage corvettes yourself to learn how hard it is to actually benefit from them against even the CPU?


Well, its hypothetical, a BC should be able to kill salvage corvettes easier. It doesn’t make sense on different levels.

Basically, only if another ship came into the line of fire of an ion frigate which doesn’t seem that wide.