SDU Bug please help, info or a fix would be nice

Halp! Ok so I’ve made it to 21 and I’ve only got 3 SDU options open to me, pistol, assault rifle, and backpack upgrades. I can’t switch to any other SDU’s and I’ve went so far as to remake my beastmaster in Hope’s it was just that character, its not… I’m on the Xbox 1X. Is anyone else having this issue?

Are you on console? Use the Dpad lol


I was having the same “problem”. The previous reply is correct for XB1. You have to use the D-Pad. I feel beyond ■■■■■■■■, but I’m also extremely relieved so… Thank You carl_thegooner. Much Appreciated Man!

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Omg!!! It worked I feel SOOOO silly!!! Thank you guys so much!!!