Se puede Jugar borderlands entre Epic y Steam?

Se podra jugar borderlands entre epic y steam? es la pregunta ya que tengo comprado todo borderlands en steam y mi amigo obtuve el de epic pero podremos jugar o necesitaria que el compre el de steam o yo baje el de epic?

Cross play should work between Steam and Epic, though I don’t think I’ve done it myself to confirm.

Add each other as friends in SHiFT, and you should see each other in the Social game menu shown below. I am playing on Steam in this shot, where @Kurtdawg13 is playing in Epic, and I could presumably join him (or send him an invite to join me).

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Correction: I play on Steam. I don’t have an Epic account. The two versions of my tag “Kurtdawg13” are Shift and Steam. However you are correct about cross play. I have co-op’d with a friend who plays on Epic. Worked fine from what I recall.

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Oh weird - I saw your Steam entry in here showing you offline, and figured you were playing on Epic.

Sometimes Steam signs me out of the friends thing. I don’t notice until i go to mail gear. Or i might be playing offline but signed in with shift allowing the patch to download. I’ll play offline if I’m recording.

Its an interesting feature allowing you to know if a friend is playing but are offline on the platform played on. This was the same for console(xbox1). I can see any of my friends that were playing borderlands 3 but “offline” for platform status.

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Tengo la misma duda, no sé como conectrme a través de Shift con mis amigos de epic. ayuda

Do you see your friend in SHiFT? (Ves tu amigo en SHiFT?)