Seanson pass not available on PS4 in HK

I purchased Season Pass on 11/15/2020, playstation platform, Hong Kong.
But I cannot find where to download neither in game nor in PS Store.
I visited the Boderlands website, clicked the Purchase Now button, then the Season Pass button, when I selected Hong Kong in the Region menu, then I found no PS4 in the Platform menu! How could it be? You blocked Season Pass on PS4 in HK?
So it ends up with I spending HK$390 but cannot get what I purchased.
Plz solve it. THX.

Did you see the content licenced by the season pass available for download? Those should show as ‘Purchased’, and you should be able to install them.

TTBOMK PS is the same as XBox, and there is no specific ‘Season Pass’ download - it is simply registered to your account. You should be able to see and download the character Final Form Packs and the released content though (eg BL3: Designer’s Cut for season pass 2)