Search from windows into LUA files?

Crud - I can’t find that stupid file where the AI Build speed bonuses are set, but this kinda happens all the time, where I saw something somewhere, and then can’t find it later.

Is there a program that lets you search in the contents of the LUAs from windows?


ugh, finally:


anyway, searching for the content of LUAs would be nice if anybody knows how to do it…

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I just use “find in files” in notepad++

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Don’t forget to set up Windows to fully index the Homeworld folder and all its subfolders. When combined with setting Notepad++ as the default reader for the various Lua files, it allows, IIRC, the Windows search to check inside files.

Though, be patient or go outside to do the groceries when you first index the thing after setting up the default reader, it takes a while.

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It works! Thanks guys!

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grepWin is amazing, and fast.