Searching for a Critical Thug x2 URAD and other things(updated)

I am looking for the following gear:
Boogeyman w/ ASE 100 Weapon damage or CH
Backburner w/ 300/90 or ASE splash damage 200%, any element but Shock.
Maggie URAD or ASE 100% Weapon damage
Hellwalker w/ ASE 100% Weapon damage
Critical Thug x2 w/ 200% splash damage or URad
Fl4k Bounty Hunter COm with 3 in Frenzy and 1 in the other skills with 2/3 of the following buffs Weapon Damage, Splash Damage, Damage Reduction or Critical Damage bonuses.

I have tons of anointed legendary items to trade.

My GT is IXI Shyn3 IXI

I’ve got the Frontloader and It’s Piss grenades, thank you anonymous donor!

Plasma Coils w/ ASE 100 or Splash damage anointed are also very much welcome!

I have a shock urad sandhawks, a urad complex root, land might have plus ultra with ase 100.

What are u looking for good sir?

Consecutive hits elemental monarchs would be really welcome, as well as something meta with ase 200%splash

I’ll be on later tonight and i can fire off some stuff, what’s your GT?


Sent you a couple things, enjoy! The complex Root and Plus Ultra will do nicely.

Idk about that Gargoyle you sent me, it’s single pellet version of it and it ain’t that good… Do you have anything else?

I have a Corrosive CH Monarch that just dropped

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I will take that for sure.

I did forgot the plus ultra, I sent it few minutes ago

That Root shreds so much that it’s not even funny.

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I know it is so ridicolous. I don’t really enjoy urad playstiles cuz healthgate loss, but for the short amount of time I used it yeah, it absolutely destroyed everything in its path. I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

Still looking for the Boogeyman and Backburner if anyone has one!

I might have a consecutive hits x2 shock boogeyman, do you have a good fire convergence?

No Convergences atm yet anyway, is there anything else u may be looking for by chance?

Mhhh let me think, maybe a good roll muse class mod?

What would that be? Im not a Moze main. I do have several mods tho