Searching for a few pieces of gear

I am looking for the following gear:
Plasma Coil w/ Consecutive Hits, any element
Monarch w/ URAD, or Consecutive hits, any element
Sandhawk w/ URAD or ASE 100, any element
Complex Root w/ 300/90 or URAD, any element
Backburner w/ 300/90 or ASE splash damage 200%, any element
It’s Piss w/ ASE 100, any element
Frontloader w/ ASE 100
Stop-Gap with ASA Shield fill/break
Plus Ultra w/ ASE 100 or URAD
Fl4k Bounty Hunter COm with 3 in Frenzy and 1 in the other skills. Preferably with Weapon Damage, Damage Reduction and Critical Damage bonuses.
Pearl of Ineffable Knowledhe with Mag Size and Fire Rate bonuses.
Elemental Projector Deathless w/ Weapon Damage. And/Or Mag Size
Last Stand Otto Idol w/ Weapon Damage, Mag Size & Damage Reduction

I have tons of anointed legendary items to trade.

My GT is IXI Shyn3 IXI

I’ve got the Frontloader and It’s Piss grenades, thank you anonymous donor!