Searching for a pvp game for 1h and no luck

see the topic.
is it just me or is it a usual problem in pc pvp queue?
and to be specific it’s the same with solo or party queue

PC sadly has a lower playerbase, however if you get out and get back on it gets better (are you on PC

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An hour is abnormally long on PC. What mode, what reigon?

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After the update i experience these long waiting too. Before the patch i find a match in 5-10 minutes with 100-200 people, so i dont know what happened with the MM.

Recent playerbase has been well above 500 for PC. If you are in a region such as Australia or New Zealand (like me) you can get a manual server transfer to the US or somewhere, which is what me and quite a lot of people do. Lag is irritating but not terribly so.

That’s unusual - my rule of thumb is don’t wait for much more than 5 minutes and that seems to go pretty well. By that point I either do something else, a game is starting, or it looks like a team is gelling and I might give it a bit longer.

I once waited for over 45 minutes - mostly out of sheer perversity to see how long it would actually take, only to discover that a patch had been pushed out while I was playing so my client was out of date, which meant the game was stuck trying to match me with a handful of people who also had the same obsolete version of the client.

I’m in the US, but I also tend to play at odd hours like late at night.