Anyone have a bounty hunter beastmaster class mod they don’t want or need?

Mail it to PSN: LEE-MKD


I’m pretty sure I have a couple, you wouldn’t happen to have an incendiary kings/queens call would you?

Unfortunately no

Damn. And I check out that mod and it’s suuuper low level. Sad days all around.

Damn… it’s just that that mod is super hard to find

You’re not lyin, man.

I’ve got a hunter mod I don’t need,also I have a kings call and queens call for the other person asking. Can someone hook me up with a caustic skeksil? Been farming all afternoon nothing.

Edited* Got my caustic now to complete my deadeye boogyman pistol build. Still looking for a shotgun damage deadeye mod though.
If anyone has or knows anyone that has,
please lmk. Thanks.

I got one but do you got bashing shockwave infiltrator zane mod in return ?