Searching for legendary siren class mod

Im searching for a legendary siren com for my maya on xbox one
Im in uvhm, but because i mostely played alone i think it will take a realy long time to farm this
So maby one of you got one without need for it
Hope never dies :sweat_smile:

I got not much to offer for, because im just lv 66 right now. And i think the most people who got them class mods will be higher then me

But for people who need help in the lower levels im allways willing to help for bosses or farming or what ever

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If you have it run through the Mercenary Day dlc, and then farm Tinder/The train for Leg. Coms. The train gives you 6, or 7 guaranteed COMs, so you have the highest chance to obtain a legendary COM there. The train will also scale with your level because you’re in UVHM.


Thats a good idea. Thank you
I didnt think about him, because i did him a couple of times, in all modes, sometimes with a second player for the higher drop rate, but never get something usefull from him or from the train
But maybe with some more tries on uvhm with e second player it will work
I will try, again thanks for the idea

you’ll need to put in some time to get what you want, typically. a couple times isn’t going to get you that Leg Com. Not unless you’re extremely lucky. It takes about 20-30 runs to get something good out of that train. it varies obviously, due to RNG, but typically, you’re going to need to invest time to yield good results. :wink:


Haha yes thats exactly the reason why i ask here if maybe someone got two of the legendary siren coms or got one he dont need

I dont think the train will get me this class mod after farm him just 10 times
But i got 2 harolds after 7 times savage lee. Or other things like this…
I know it want work so fast every time. But by the most farmings i did, after 30min i got something.
Maybe not the best version. But better then nothing.
And even if not and i had to go longer on someone, normely i farm the things by enemies where you know they had a higher drop rate for the thing you want.
By the legendary siren com this woud be pyro pete, vermivorous, voracidous and the dragons
And i dont think im strong enough to farm these efficient soon on uvhm
So i didnt think about the train, because the coms arent specific in his loot pool an because i farm the train for more then 10 times in every mode and just got ■■■■■■■■ of it, not even a half usefull purple or blue thing. So i dont expect him do give me something usefull and “forget” him

But the point that he give alot of coms and maybe with e second player for the higher drop rate and alot more tries it will work

So thats what i mean when i said, thanks for the tipp, this coud work but i dont think about him…

But still, maybe im lucky and someone got one for me :sweat_smile:

Bytheway, excuse me, if my english isnt that good, im from switzerland :v:

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Loot midgets also have a higher than normal chance to drop legendary COMs. Although you may not get the one you’re looking for. There are two good places for farming them that I know of, those being the wildlife exploitation preserve with the doctors orders mission open (DO NOT take the recorder out of the box), and Thousand Cuts with the “Rocko’s Modern Strife” mission open as this will prevent all enemies in the area from spawning, so you won’t be hassled by anything while murdering whatever midgets you may find. Obviously you need to be past a certain point in the main in order to have access to both of these locations/methods, but they’re still worth a try if you do have access to them.

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Yes that was my first plan bevor the train
I also want to farm the llm for bone of the ancients and maybe other things
And i am allready in the wildlife exploitation preserve. I think, heard this was the best way to farm them… but im 69 rigth now, so i think i will wait with the big farming on all the things i want for 72 to be prepered for digi struct :+1:
But thanks for the one in thousand cuts. Dont know that one. And maybe will try it if im not lucky whit the other ones

By the way, if got a legendary com for maya 10min befor. If seen it drop from a chubby and was about to go crazy… but it was just the legendary nurse (what i think is one of the badest options for maya)
Maybe it works well if you play with 4 people and maya takes the healing part. Then id coud be nice. But for solo its just ■■■■■■■■ for my setup :sob:

I’ve got a spare Slayer of Terramorphous at level 50, but everything else is 70+.

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If had the slayer on lv50. I think for every class :sweat_smile:
But thanks alot

What you mean with: is lv70+?
Do you got a legendary siren and are you maybe willing to give it away or maybe exchange it (i dont think i got something for you that could interest you but i dont know)
For me the lv didnt really care. 72 would be perfect but a lilbit higer or deeper is also absolutly ok for me :sweat_smile:

I’ve got a spare Leg. Binder at level 70. I also have leg. Cat, Nurse, and Siren at level 72 on my mule Maya, so I don’t strictly need those. I’ll be on in maybe 3 hours or so if you’re interested. GT is Alkymist96.


Ok i will ad you
Hmm i think i will be only using the leg. Siren com (and maybe the mirrored trickster somethimes, but this one should be easy to farm for, because its blue. And it isnt that important for my build)

If its really ok for you to give me this one id woud be awesome

P.s. if there is maybe something i could do for you in this game, or maybe in the future when im a little bit higher whit my level just send me a message (idont know, maybe youre not lucky whit farming something i just walktrough or raidbosses or leveling a new account. I dont think but if its possible i woud :sweat_smile::+1:)

P.s.2 i dont got i mic, is it possible to send pm’s here?

You can send PMs here by clicking on a user’s avatar and using the button on the popup card. You can also just send a short text message via XBL - doesn’t need to be voice.

Hey every one thanks alot for the tipps and everything :+1::kissing_heart:

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I’ve gotten several max stats Legendary Siren mods farming the Snowman train. You’re welcome to have one, but they are OP8.

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Thanks for your answer
But maya is already op8 and got the classmods she needs on op8
So im not longer in need for them
Now trying to get the other 5 ones to op8, allready all between 50 and 72.
Think the only tthing im really missing in my inventory is the norfleet :sweat_smile:
But still, thanks alot for the offer :+1::blush: