Searching for players for the Saboteur mission

The saboteur mission has given me a lot of trouble and i would like some help my gamertag is down below add me if you are also having trouble with the mission and would like to help


Advanced? Hardcore? What version of it?

just the normal version I have been trying to do the mission for the longest time the first 2 defences are fine its the one right befor the boss the veralsi mortar shot the core to hell befor anyone can react

Psn: pluckywood

I’m up to help anytime

Psn: TubaofStealth

If you still need help

Have you’ve been experiencing the same trouble i have with the last point on that mission

Nope. Never had an issue. I’m just willing to help out a fellow badass who needs it. There are basic strats you need to use that will make that easy and get you ready for advanced cause advanced you need to follow rules to not lose and cry and hate life.