Searching for Quasar!

This is one of the hardest grenade mods to get I feel as it is only slightly boosted by a creature that is not 100% spawn chance. I am willing to trade or just go raid with someone at least, if we raid then there will be a Zer0 there, do not worry about him as he is there merely for experience so me and my friend can play together better. I have legendaries for trade and money I have NOTHING TO DO WITH, if help is further given to get other guns in the future, I may be willing to find something else to reward with. VAULT HUNTERS WANTED (:smirk:)

There’s a guaranteed UBA varkid in one of the rounds in the creature slaughterdome.

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Hey @jerikfuse, Ronnie nailed this because the new patch took out the 4man glitch, which made spawning Ultimates that bit easier. So your really better off getting to the round with the ultimate in the creature slaughter and then just keep farming it over and over, and just don’t finish the round. The other good thing with this is it will have a minor chance of evolving, so you’ll get Verm to kill and rare drops from him (Norfleet, Head, Class Md). What platform do you play on?

I play on the xbox. The slaughterdome is a good idea, that is probably the best bet, especially because with all of the smaller creatures runnin around to make things easier (If you need infor on the set I use just go to my post about tank maya)

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what level are u I might have a spare one

Level 43 or around there, if it is just a few levels higher that is ok.

sorry the one I have spare is op8

That may still work as the current one will eventually become outdated

add me PeterL2014 if the quasar I have is too high a level I can help farm one