Searching for snowdrift Loaded dice

Got a couple of legendaries to trade. If you have this item and dont need/want it please let me know

You got a fire lyuda anointed?

No the only molten lyuda i had i gave it away.

Any amars anointed legendaries?

got a couple of amara annointed legendaries, what you looking for?

Phasecast weapon damage

I think i have some of that, im at work but when i get home i will let you know what i have for amara

Alright cool

I’ll defer to brandonlg671, but I also have a Snowdrift Loaded Dice as well. Just looking for a Bloodletter class mod for my Moze.

I have a couple of bloodletter class mod as well for moze

I prefer one that has more on Desperate Measures and less on Phalanx Doctrine. Could be 3/2, 3 /1/1, as long as Phalanx is one point or less haha.

If you don’t have what brandon is looking for I’d be down to trade.

sure ill let brandon know what i have later in the afternoon if i dont have anything he wants ill check up with you