"searching for team mates/ opponents"

First and foremost… im in usa with a strong Internet connection and a open nat on my Xbox that connects just fine to other online games
. I needed to finally make my own post about this now as it appears that most people aren’t having issues and everytime I try to Google for answers I keep getting beta discussions… for the last 3 days since launch matchmaking for any public game just sits idle for as long as I let it. I did play one game once after 4am on day 2 before I needed to sleep and earlier after like 30+ minutes of trying to find players I did randomly get a full team but no opponents before it reset to searching everyone again. those are my only two occurrences of connections working in the least bit
ive searched for so may hours total now and I don’t understand why this is a issue for me. I see many other issues with other people but often they are in smaller countries… how common is this issue exactly and I’d anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears.