Season 2 = more ways to replay the same content

I imagine there will be all sorts of flashy things announced for Season 2, but when I hear "Director’s Cut’ or new Mayhem-like modes, all I see is a company trying to extend the existing game assets without really adding much value.

Like the 4th skill tree for the Vault Hunters. These look cool, but you will be using them on the same things like Maliwan Takedown, story missions, etc. Which is fine for new players, but for those who bought BL3 last year, a new skill to do the same stuff you’ve done a million times before is just not that appealing.

Overall, I was hoping to hear something more exciting for the new season than the lackluster ones we’ve gotten so far. Maybe the developers will surprise us. Fingers crossed.


I hope the directors cut changes the campaign, more so than just a few missions/lines of dialogue.
If it was a complete overhaul I’ll come back whole heartedly.


Don’t you want to kill Wotan some more for gear that you’ll never use? It’s great


or farm for that perfect annointed blood starved beast from lillith for 72 hours like those poor console players, so they can farm a different boss 1.2 seconds faster than before.


Next gen consoles especially PS5 should have no issues with loading unless Gearbox screws up the optimization.

I was talking more about the futility of drop rates and sense of purpose from farming, and what you do after you get the loot you’re after.


I mean, if you don’t enjoy playing the base content, that’s probably a warning sign, no?

This isn’t me saying the game couldn’t do with more content, but basically you’re saying “this DLC is possibly aimed at making me play the game more, and I don’t like that”.

Borderlands 2:

Here’s a couple new characters so you can replay the same content you already have.
Here’s a new game mode (UVHM and OP levels) so you can replay the same content you already have.

Nothing new really…


What the OP said is a true observation except the appealing part. I find it appealing to repeat the same stuff.

I don’t like the story but I’m more focused on trying diff builds and gear

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I would pay for more Raid-boss content or another story based DLC or a headhunter pack. However, regarding new skills or merely additional levels, I have played all 4 characters at level 65, M10, and, currently, each character can dominate in M10, even before the nerf with M11. Why pay for more skill trees when all 4 characters have at least 3-4 viable builds/play styles that can dominate the current content in M10? That’s 12+ different ways to play and each can already beat the current DLC’s, Takedowns, and other story content fairly easily (Guardian Takedown with its multiple ways to insta kill a VH is the exception to being easy). I do not see how getting even more ways to beat the current content will increase my enjoyment of this game. We’ll see.


Yea, I don’t really care for the story in this game. If I want a good story in a game, I wouldnt be playing Borderlands.

I play the game because the guns and gunplay are both very fun. I’m most excited about the new skill trees because it will add some new ways to play. Even with no new content, new skills alone will probably provide me with many hours of additional fun.

That being said, the game needs more endgame content. I suppose we’ll have to see what this new game mode is all about.


If the Directors cut is just an amended main story campaign I will be annoyed. I don’t really want to replay the main story yet again.

I can’t think of a single ‘Directors Cut’ in movies that I walked away feeling glad that I spent the extra hour or so watching. There’s usually a reason the content was cut in the first place.

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seeing the new skilltree for zane it makes an allready easy game even easier…

the skilltrees are a bit to late for most people seeing most are getting bored or are allready bored with the game…

like you said, doing the same thing but with even more power then ever before…


Perfectly put, with regards to the op.


When I saw the initial preview of this game back in November 2019, I thought it was corny. Two villains who stream stuff. And the jab to a popular religion also made me curious. I played it anyway just to see what the deal is. I still think it’s corny. If I want a good story, I’d read a book.

I agree, they really missed an opportunity to add a new story. I was expecting a series of side missions for each vault hunter which explore their new tree, in a “oh look what you can do now that the moon is gone” story arc. Each story line could culminate in a single new boss fight.

Basically I was expecting the equivalent of a new story-DLC, but with less new weapons. Maybe some new/reworked anoints, a new COM, and maybe something punchy, like a shield/grenade/artifact set.

I hope the rest of the season pass 2 offers some new content. Because there’s not much point to going through the story again.


We’re just gonna have to see how Arms Race turns out. The fact they revealed it second makes me think they’re really confident in it. In marketing, you save the best for last.


There’s at least 1 known detail that was leaked by some streamer (I don’t know, but on Discord they’ve shown a pic about it) about at least 1 returning character… Not gonna spoil it here though cause that’s quite big.

Who said I didn’t like playing the base content? I’ve played it for hundreds of hours. But like anything, you get tired of it.

For example, I love steak. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t get tired of it if I ate it over and over and over again. Even if I put a slightly different sauce or garnish on it (like a director’s cut is like with game content) then it’s still the same steak underneath.

For sure it can be tiresome to play the same stuff all the time. You can always play another game and come back later, also you don’t have to play just 1 game all the time. I’m also not playing as often anymore because I’m not gonna kill myself farming items that are temporary and the drop rates and being able to find a specific roll… that’s not gonna happen for long.
Like I said, a little tip, there are more games out there, either alternate between the games or take a little pause and come back later, it’ll still be there waiting for you.