Season 2 or Cyberpunk

The second game I had been most exited about (first being bl3) is releasing in a few short weeks.

With the unmitigated failure of season 1 (imho) and the lack of care to the base game (I not been able to play since GTD), with the prospect of a second season beta testing.

Who is staying… Who is jumping ship?

Which one are you going to buy?
  • Season Pass Season 2
  • Cyberpunk 2077

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Needs a “Neither/ Waiting to see critical response” option.


I didn’t realise my options were “full price AAA game” and “piece of DLC we don’t know the cost of yet”. Seems like a leading question, to me.


most likely cyberpunk
but there speaks nothing against both
it really depends on the product itself


I would not say that money is the main argument here. It’s just what you wanna play more “a game series you loved for the past 10 years” or “a new IP where you don’t know how it’s really going to be”.

I’m more for CP2077, because GBX doesn’t really care about the game. I mean they even couldn’t change the date in this event correctly.


Money matters to me in making a choice like this. Money always matters. Maybe not so much for you, which is fair.

Like, I could create a poll that says “Star Wars: Squadron or BL3”. I just don’t see the point.

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I will not buy games or season passes for full price. But if I have to decide which one I want I’ll definitely go with CP2077. I’ll going to wait until the price drops. Got everything in bl3 for half the price so far and with the huge disappointing of DLC4 I definitely wait for it to drop.
In this case it’s less the money than buy or not buy. But the OP could add a few choices more for sure.

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Kinda unfair and scewed poll don’t you think? Comparing a full game with DLC for a game that came out over a year ago. Also, where’s the option “i never buy season pass, regardless”?

I don’t understand all the complaint over season pass 2 anyhow, it’s not like it’s the only option you have and is forced down your throat. Buy them seperately if they look interesting, or don’t. Nobody cares.


The ship has so many holes and a few crew are trying to sink us. But I’ll stay on untill she’s fully sunk.
I know BL3 has its flaws but it’s still a fun game. And if everything was fixed/buffed it would be almost perfect imo


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I can’t see this Season pass being $50. $25-30 maybe… One Game Mode packaged withSkill trees that change the way you play the existing game, and two new Cuts aka “Reworks” ( take some effort to make), don’t measure up to brand new playable maps and story content.

If we measured value by novel hours In-Game, it took me about 55hrs for my first playthrough doing all the side quests I could successfully complete. (I skipped the last burger delivery quest I think). That matches the price of the game. I didn’t track the DLCs, but it was a few hours each tops. Maybe as many as 20 total.

Using that logic, TVHM was not part of the price, nor where the Mayhem Modes. Those were replay options for those who want to revisit that initial experience in a different way, but they have no value without the base campaign. So, the pricing of these Designer & Director’s cuts should hang on how much novel content they add to the experience. I don’t expect it to be anything revolutionary that will turn the game on its head. Anything short of that isn’t worth charging people twice for the same game with tweaks.

Arms Race and the Skill Trees are like adding a mini-game within the game and, as I said elsewhere 1.33 DLC characters (what is a character if not 3 skill trees and actions skills). Pricing the Season Pass for two novel pieces of DLC, feels fair to me. How you market the pricing distribution among the pieces of content is subject for criticism, but $24.99-$29.99 seems to be the proper MSRP.

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Entire new game versus additional content isn’t really comparable.

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For me it’ll be Cyberpunk for sure, just to wait and see what Season 2 even entails. I will definitely get both, the question is more a “what to get first?” for me. And here I think a new game is superior to a game I have been playing for over a year. Also, the break will replenish my batteries for Borderlands as a whole, which will make me jump back into the grind with more enthusiasm, looking forward all the more towards the new mode and skill trees.


Im buying season 2 next year or Christmas…
Cuz i. 100% getting Cyberpunk at launch.


They missed so many opportunities…

-making a better bank, a bank for each vh and one for all
-modifiers changeable
-spread the loot further: 1 hammer lock hunt and a rare spawn on EACH map, on bigger maps more enemies
-vertical splitscreen, why is this even a thing?
-anointments in general
-legendary drop rate, although if they buff further and more weapons become viable this will be great

I like m2.0 in genral, but it is to easy to play straight forward on M10.


Neither. I’m done with Borderlands and I’m no Cyberpunk type of a gamer. The poll needs fixing.

I only got myself Black Ops Cold War strictly for Zombies

I think gearbox has 1/10 of one programmer’s time ‘devoted’ to fixing issues in Borderlands 3. It would explain a lot.


The poll is a good example of a false dilemma fallacy. Sorry.


I agree I’ve learned the hard way not to trust the gaming industry they don’t hesitate to release half finish games or games that don’t even work . Thought about buying " the avengers " held off doing so turns out I made a good decision I think I’ll hold off buying new games for awhile. What I think the best move is join ps now and play that instead.

It doesn’t really seem like an either/or choice to me. I’m almost certainly getting Cyberpunk. I may or may not get the second season pass regardless of whether I get Cyberpunk.