Season 2 or Cyberpunk

So i ended up getting cyberpunk on stadia and its pretty good im quite impressed with stadia. I only use it to play cyberpunk, after letting the dust settle and watching some reviews it seemed the best place for me to play it.

So im out the first chapter now and my interest has really dipped in chapter 2. The missions are a bit samey and i preferred playing with more cinematic story blending in. Now the world has opened up a bit more the game feels a bit flat to me. The phone is really really annoying, it wont stop ringing and you cant cancel the incoming calls even when im already on a job. Its a shame really because i was addicted to chapter 1 and couldn’t stop playing, really surprised how that interest tailed off so quick.

Honestly I’ve found myself going back to borderlands now. I do really enjoy borderlands 3 (probably an unpopular opinion but) its my favourite in the series so far its superb when it works. Maybe I’ll pick cyberpunk up again and get that bug to play it back. I’ve still got something to fall back and play if i need a break from bl3.

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Quoting myself from October. Looks like I was correct not to trust CDPR. Glad I didn’t pre-order or buy this game at release. What a train wreck of a launch. From what I can gather this game won’t be in a good state for months at least. Glad I didn’t contribute my money to this ongoing gaming industry jebait that has become the norm. You know we have hit rock bottom when even CDPR pulls the same crap. For the record I didn’t buy season 2 for BL3 and I’m glad I didn’t do that, either.


I mean bl3 has been out for well over a year and it’s never been in a “good state”.

It is still a dumpster fire…


True. However, I already made my mistake with BL3 and learned from it. That’s why I didn’t buy the second season pass or CP2077 and those have turned out to be correct decisions.


Same here, damn I hope Outriders is good.


It looks good for sure (other than lack of split screen) but as with others BL3 was quite the learning lesson when it comes to getting games at release and certainly solidified to never preorder a game again, not that I did all that much but figured BL3 was a safe bet considering the last three entries. CP was an early x-mas gift so it is what it is there.


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Care to elaborate?

I did say that on Ps5 there isn’t a lot of bugs or crashes and the graphics are rather good, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot to be improved in performance/optimization and graphical fidelity. Might want to share your own gameplay experience on the same system as I played instead of some rando dude with a YouTube channel’s video about his own opinion. :+1:

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I’m not Jordangold527. I’m just someone in the thread offering external opinions. This isn’t a juried Forensics competition. It’s a public fan/ consumer forum.

Yep, it’s 2021 and BL3 is still broken.


Check their forums. Heck this isn’t even including the PC and Xbox potions.

It is silly to say that the game runs fine when people are still constantly experiencing crashes, game breaking quest bugs, and corrupted save files. YOU might not be experiencing much of this, but plenty of people still are.

Ok, so how can I speak for other people’s experiences? I only stated my view regarding my own, I know how bad it has been for others and I’m lucky that it’s barely an issue for me. Forgive me for saying it :expressionless:


Everyone’s experience is going to be different, whether we’re talking CP or BL3. Such is the nature of games being played on multiple platforms, devices, screens, and resolutions.

Looking beyond my own personal experience, I agree that the CP launch has been a disaster. I also agree that BL3 is still a complete dumpster fire ~15 months after launch.

The only real difference is that CDPR are actively fixing issues, whereas GBX have objectively made their game worse.

FWIW, my ~100 hours of CP have all been on a bog standard PS4. While I don’t doubt some have had serious issues, it’s been playable for me right out of the box. Maybe 7-8 crashes all up. Zero progression blockers or game breaking bugs.

As I say, it’s different for everyone.


I know there is still a very present market for couch co-OP, however is it worse to not even have split screen or to have split screen that isn’t useable?

I find it funny to compare BL3 and Cyberpunk. Yes, BL3 came out in a very rough shape and still is not running perfectly on last gen, but my God, what Cyberpunk brought to the old consoles is basically absurd. There are still reports of around 1 crash per hour of playtime, not even Final Fantasy XV was that bad at launch.

If you want to compare the games, compare their gameplay loops, their story, their features. There are more similarities than one might think at first glance, but comparing BL3 and Cyberpunk to each other in terms of bugs is almost comically unreasonable, unless you do it specifically for PC, where Cyberpunk still boasts a way higher frequency of bugs and has multiple possible progression blockers, while BL3 has had no critical bugs, although the forceful shutdown of XBox One consoles still seems to be a thing, but I haven’t heard anything about actual damage to the consoles despite looking into that topic. But that still exists.

However, nearly hourly crashes, multiple critical bugs, progression blockers, texture loading issues that are so incredibly much worse than BL3’s already slow texture loading and an amount of A.I. and collision detection bugs that is embarrassing are really not comparable to BL3’s state at launch, let alone it’s current state. Is BL3 a polished game? No, it never was and probably never will be. But Cyberpunk is functionally somewhere between Alpha and Beta stage at the moment, at least on consoles. On PC it can be pretty good performance-wise, but the amount of minor bugs is still insane and multiple bugs that basically make it impossible to finish the game are are still there, which is unacceptable.

But my argument still stands: Nobody should buy Cyberpunk or BL3’s Season Pass 2 right now. Cyberpunk can be enjoyed on PC and is bearable on the current gen of consoles, but unless you are fine with beelining through the story to prevent major setbacks by bugs or are saving on a dozen of savefiles to always have a point to return to in the case that your game decises to hang itself, I cannot advise anyone to buy Cyberpunk either.

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Personally I would rather not even have split screen than to have something you can’t use or is poorly implemented. I commend companies that tell you in advance that the game will not have local co-op, ala Halo 5, that way those of us that do play couch co- op know.

One of my biggest issues with GBX is that yes they implemented split screen co-op but playing it more than 1 minute will tell you it was poorly implemented and never tested as it should of been. I would of had more respect for them to just not have it at all than to give us what they did and then not fix it.

"Yes you can drive this car with another passenger but you will not be able to see out the screen, your dashboard will be unreadable, the car will slow down if not shut off completely sometimes but it is drivable in a sense. Yes we are aware of the issues and are looking into them but as for actually fixing your car, not at this time


I feel like this is the popular opinion, get it right or don’t offer it.