Season 2 or Cyberpunk

That’s how I feel for sure. If you do release it in poor state at least acknowledge you did and are actually working on fixing it. Yeah CDPR released a half baked game no doubt about it but I will give them some credit for releasing fixes only a few days after the game launched and an actual roadmap (dates) that more fixes are on the way. When it boils down to it though neither of these games should of been released but at least one company is “trying” to make it right.


Neither really, I did enjoy bl3 alot at the start, stopped for several months after first Halloween event and about April or May finally beat the game with all 4 characters. I thought the dlcs would hold my enjoyment as dlc 1 and 2 seemed interesting, which they were for a while but 3 was disappointing to me and 4 felt too short. After last Halloween event I kinda felt done with it. Never even cared about arms race or 4th skill tree. Will still check to see if season 2 is something appealing, as it is currently I have no interest in bl3, as for cyberpunk was never hyped for it at all as so many games in past few years have been major disappointments.

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Cyberpunk is a narratively driven game where you’ll have to pay attention to it a lot more than any other game that you can have youtube up on your other monitor with.

It also demands the most from your hardware.

running i9-9900k and a 3080, some bugs encountered but nothing game breaking. I have to beat valhalla before i put more time into it though.

I am having a blast with Cyberpunk. I have run into some glitches but as a whole it is a great experience so far. Lucky enough to be running a 3070. CPU is a bit old but the game is gorgeous.


Cyberpunk hands down. Cyberpunk in its worst form is still better than BL3 in its best.

A year ago, I felt much differently. But now, to me, Gearbox is a joke. A bad one.


Prior to BL3 if I was to wager I would put my money on GBX, at least with its Borderlands franchise considering how much I enjoyed the first three entries in the series. Needless to say like others I certainly have buyers remorse with BL3, which had the potential to be a great game but with all the issues the game still has since it released and the approach that GBX has taken regarding fixing them, lesson learned. Although CP released in a poor state, CDPR is putting more effort into fixing the core game more so than GBX has for it’s flagship franchise. When CDPR starts issuing nerfs and buffs instead of actual gameplay fixes then I will start to worry.


Big patch hasnt dropped yet expeceted this month

The answer for me ended up being neither.


As piss poor as BL3’s release was, it doesnt even come close to the unmitigated disaster that was CP2077’s. Handful of lawsuits, refunds for PS4 and Xbox One users, warning labels prior to purchase, lying to Sony and MS about their day-one patch, and their brand forever tainted.

All future content and next-gen upgrades now have to be pushed back for God knows how long just so they can fix their broken mess. I think it’s safe to say CDPR cannot redeem itself for the launch of Cyberpunk. Sorry, not giving them a pass here regardless of how great Witcher 3 was.

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have you played it?

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so you just go by old the news you heard of cyberpunk but never played it ? was you aware they have people fixing and updating the main game bugs/issues instead of modifying guns like bl3 did when people asked for game fixes not gun fixes ? there is difference between a company which wants your money and one which wants money but also cares for its fanbase. also sounds like you never seen or played cyber punk and just living off negative reviews and believing all bad when cyber punk has lot more good stuff going for it then people make out. Also here is key point right if the game was so broken and unplayable why have quite few people who cover games like bl3 played cyber punk also and have even done full video’s on youtube of them as surely if game was broken as you said they wouldnt be able to even do cyber punk content as djp and moxxy have covered and played cyber punk fine, also im not saying cyber punk is bestest game in world as i have also played it on ps4 and find it fun to play as every game has bugs/possible issues on release but its how fast company listen to its fan base.


i dont think he has as if he had he would known of the updates to actual game instead of listening to people who know S*** for brains it seems and did research also etc.

Also have to take into consideration that CP was hyped for years and had all eyes on it whereas BL3, yeah it had some publicity but nothing on what CP had going so anything short of the greatest game ever was going to be a failure in most peoples eyes. Does it mean they get a pass, of course not but its certainly two different animals. Bl3 had negative press for it (even did the same thing CDPR did when sending out review copies) when it released as well but it just wasn’t put out front and center either.

If you actually read my post, you’d see that I was talking about the launch of the game. And no, I frankly dont care about the big two patches that are coming to fix it. First impressions truly matter, and CDPR face planted as hard as you could imagine.

And yes, I have played it. Went against my rule of never preordering games because I had faith they wouldn’t screw us over. Well, they did, and they lied. “We would never launch a game that wasnt ready.” Yeah, my ass you wouldn’t :roll_eyes:


If you played it on the ps4 or xbone, then sure

thats your opinion then and ps4 has had about 4-6 updates with cyber punk alreadly assuming pc has had more (and is ahead of updates since ahead) and ohh your one those people who waited 6 year+ for it i guess and had high expectations of the game i guess as i didnt follow the hype myself on the game and bought it on random chance for new game to try when i got the game it was on 1.04 patch and is now on 1.06 patch but i enjoy the game i known the basic theme and idea of the game but unlike you wasn’t expecting as much but overall i find the game fun still even if they not yet added stuff in as more rather them fix any main game issues first then add in missing features are crying over like babys.

i wasnt aware it was even hyped myself i got game as random chance for ps4 at time, as all i knew was basic idea/theme of game etc but ended up enjoying it for exploring, trying out new guns/builds etc (even if at first game had minor crashes which wasnt as bad as people made out before latest patch it had) also graphics are also semi decent on ps4 i think though im not into high end graphic or i would got game on pc instead. though i respect cyberpunk company for actually also starting to fix main issues/bugs in the game as gearbox has had over year to fix there main game issues and most of them still arnt fixed yet hense why people prefer cyberpunk more i think as they alreadly fixing bugs/issues on game over say buffing and nerfing guns instead.

Gearbox patched the game repeatedly, frequently, post-release.

This is my least favourite part of people comparing a brand-new game to a game released over a year ago. People just making things up.

And it really is a bit unfair to see “minor crashes which wasn’t as bad as people made out”. Cyberpunk was / is horrendous on release. There is no excusing that. It doesn’t matter if it “wasn’t as bad for you”. BL3 wasn’t “as bad for me” as it was other people. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t bad for those people.


Well, lets see if CDPR decide to remove any settings from their HUD in 8 Months time…

You know, like GBX did with the HUD Scaling, in BL3. :smirk:

What relevance does this comparison have? What does it add, considering you post it in every thread you get the chance to?

Are you expecting me to defend Gearbox on this? Is this meant to be a defense of CDPR launching a broken product? I don’t get it.