Season 2 or Cyberpunk

I think their point being, GBX taking big chunks out of the game or change the game so dramatically like with M2.0

One could say they changed the game we bought, halfway through to something nobody wanted…

Be it gamebreaking bugs, simply unplayable, unfinished, etc.

I think this discussion is more about the trend of games getting released in a ■■■■■■ state.

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Reworks to Mayhem were asked for, repeatedly. It’s up to the developer to deliver on that, but what people asked for is ultimately up to opinion.

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more people was asking gearbox to actually fix and solve state of the base game and also possibly add in way to farm bosses better as whole as whole mayhem thing wasnt as nearly asked compared to bugs/issues and farming boss issues.


Nobody disagrees with you wanting fixes, but that isn’t what I was replying to. I was replying to the statement that they made changes nobody was asking for.

yeah minor changes or ones people didnt want has actually hurt percentage which play the game anyway and quite few have stopped playing game now as they had plently time to fix base game but with being over year and majority still not fixed the game is kinda dead beat cow at moment with gearbox trying to milk the last 1% as much as they can.


I think/feel that yes it is true GBX did patch-hotfix their game but a vast majority of that was buffs and nerfs to equipment and that is where the frustration lies.

Since the games release the community has been asking for fixes to the game for issues that are pretty important, ie: console crashes, performance issues, split screen text size and UI, etc. GBX simply responded with the standard cut and paste answers of either being aware of it or looking into it and left it at that and yet here we are and still nothing.

Was CP released in poor state, yeah we can all agree to that for sure however there is a slight difference between a company admitting fault and actually fixing things and one that hasn’t. If BL3 had the same hype around it as CP did I think it would of made more headlines because it certainly didn’t release without major issues.


Yeah true but they just didn’t deliver :wink:

Everything wrong with 2.0 was allready voiced beforehand. But GBX didn’t pay any attention and just slapped something together.

People asked more M4, what did GBX do? Give us a worse M1-3 and then ■■■■■■ up creating a decent working difficulty scaling…

Like everything they tried, it just felt like they didn’t test jack ■■■■… They just shipped it without knowing if their crap worked or not.

With BL3 it is obvious who is pushing for this sub-par content…

For CP i don’t really know if it’s the devs that failed to deliver or if they got pushed to deliver unfinished content.

Like i said before, this is the sorry state games are in right now… Even worse, gacha games are getting popular for some reason (i’m afraid that those types of games will make it even worse)

But hey, i learned my lesson… GBX is the last company to get my money for an unfinished product… (gbx themselves even won’t get any money from me period)


Seems CP got pushed out because it was delayed multiple times and the higher ups certainly wanted a piece of the holiday sales nor did they want bad press for that matter (funny how that came back and bit them).

I agree with you that it is pretty sad how games are sent out now days but we really have no one to blame but ourselves for continuing to let it happen, pretty much the same as microtransactions.

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I respectfully disagree, but regardless of what I say it won’t fix the issues you have now. I’ve said what I can, so I don’t really want to bang on about it much longer, hah.

The community here was actually pretty split on what they wanted. “player choice” was often emphasised, but there was appetite for both a) less modifiers (a la old M4) and b) more interesting / less game-destroying modifiers (who remembers the original, pre-nerf, reflect? Urgh).

We romanticise the past a lot. Old Mayhem wasn’t as good as you’re making it sound by comparison. And ultimately, their decisions in M2.0 were always going to put off some players. There are plenty of people still happy in social media comments about the state of the game as it is, and the direction it’s gone in. Most of the complaints are fairly about outstanding crash issues and the like.

Anecdotal, of course. I can only speak for what I’ve seen.

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Fair enough and will respectfully agree to disagree and be cordial in the process.


I absolutely loved M4 :sweat_smile:
And loved M11 though the game was allready stale.

And that’s what i mean… Old mayhem wasn’t great… But M2.0 was and still is a mistake.
They never managed decent difficulty scaling (wich was the reason behind m2.0) and instead of removing modifiers they made modifiers worse and didn’t even give the option to disable them. Then they finally caved and made M11 wich itself is just a joke…
It’s just going back to old M4… So they wasted half a year on a broken idea.

I also remember the forum and Facebook getting filled with stuff people did NOT want from M2.0… Guess what, everything they got warned about they actually managed to put into it.

And top that off with no playtested content and resulting weeks of broken crap…

This in’t romanticising anything… M4 received a lot of praise… M2.0 received a lot of backlash… I wonder why


Different players want different things. The game, over time, has given the players more options. Nobody says you can’t like them at all. But please do remember there are people that do. I preferred old M3 myself! I sit between M6 and M8 at the moment, hah.

Anyhow like I said to patbateman, I’ve said my stuff. I don’t want to rag on people who have their valid reasons for not liking the game, or parts of it :slight_smile:


Part of what Old Mayhem seems better has to do with the weapon scaling implemented for MH2.0 . In the old Mayhem, I did not have to juggle around different levels of weapon. It was just the weapon and anointment. The scaling opened up a Pandora’s Box.
Along with some really crappy modifier implementation…


Nice to see that CDPR has released another update for CP to help address stability issues and console crashes. Granted CP was released in terrible shape but they are at least making some kind of effort.

Maybe GBX can make a phone call “Hey how did you make your game stop crashing because over a year after our games release we still can only muster up nerfs and buffs for the most part. You guys managed to fix the console crashing issues pretty much only after a few months after your games release. What kind of sorcery are you using?”


Buggy mess or cash grab?

The state of AAA these days.

You’d get more money for your buck from indies


i think it’s hilarous that this thread comes to people arguing about which buggy mess of a game they have more hope for lol


True, you have a point there. However it shows which company people have more faith in fixing their buggy mess in the long run, plus one has been out for over a year and the other has only been out a little over a month.

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Season pass of what? What is GTD?

Season pass 2 of Borderlands 3.
GTD = Guardian Take Down - free extra content for BL3 and not related to any season pass

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And by faith means it’s allowed to continue releasing broken games where there is no guarantee to get fixed?
I acknowledge their efforts for fixing their product, as they should. But it’s something companies should never read and hear from consumers with a pat on the back, or else this standard of broken releases will never end no matter how competent a company can be.