Season 2 pass anoints without Season 2 pass

Is there a reason why I’m getting gear drops with anointments related to the purple skill trees, even though I’m haven’t bought Season Pass 2? It thins out even more an already vast selection of anointments, specially for content that I don’t possess and don’t intend to.

It is clearly intentional on GBX’s part.

They can turn off the horror anoints with a button. Why not be able to turn those on or off?

I’m in the same boat as you and not liking it at all.

I knew they would do that, I literally have some posts here saying how shady it’d be if they did that…
Everyday GBX disappoints me more

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Well that is just as below the belt as anything can be.

Gearbox can keep their cheap Fortnite (:face_vomiting:) knockoff content and their uninspired and unoriginal skill trees all they want, because bleeding the anoints from Season 2 pass into the main game to make people having second thoughts about getting it isn’t going to work. Fix the main game and Season 1(?) first!

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