Season 2 pass unavailable because I bought DLC 5 on EPIC

I had bought DLC 5 on the EPIC store a few days after it was released and because of this I cannot buy the Season 2 pass. I understand I cannot buy it because its unavailable since I have content that is supposed to be in the pass.

Buying DLC 6 and the skins is way over the price of just buying the pass outright and I wanted to get my hands on them.

Is there a way I can purchase the Season 2 pass , or is there any other way I can claim the skins without the it? I was told it may also be possible for people owning DLC 5 and 6 to get the skins regardless of the pass, so if there is any news on a solution I would be glad to know.


I bought DLC 6 after searching for Director’s cut in the steam store. It’s 14.99, and I bought DLC 5 for the same price. season pass 2 is 29.99, the same price. So it works out the same.

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Its $19.99 CA for both DLC 5 and 6, so the Season 2 pass is $39.99 CA.

The only way to get the skins is buying them separately, getting the Season 2 pass or the Ultimate edition.

My problem is that I was also looking at the skins that cost $13.99 EACH. Buying DLC 6 plus one skin is already $34 CA, so at that point I would rather spend the extra $6 bucks on the Season 2 pass to get all the skins.

But I can’t buy it since I bought DLC 5 early and the Season 2 pass became unavailable. That’s my problem. I was wondering is there is a way I can buy the Season 2 pass so I can get DLC 6 and the skins.

You’d probably need to take that up with EGS? I don’t know if they’d let you do a purchase exchange, although I suspect that the answer would be ‘No’ (I’m guessing their refund policy isn’t that great?)

Which skins, the Multiverse Final Forms that went with the new Character Models?

If so, those came with the standalone Designer’s cut on Steam so I don’t get why Epic wouldn’t have provided them. They were listed as included in all the press materials.

Maybe someone goofed at the store? Wouldn’t be the first time content was missing on EGS that was on other platforms.

I think it’s the new ones, the Disciples. As I read, those are only granted for those who own the Season Pass 2 or the Ultimate Edition of the game. The question is, if you buy DLC 5 and 6 separately, will the Disciples skins be included, because owning both DLCs, or it’s ONLY Season pass 2/Ultimate Edition exclusive.

Yeah my mistake.

I should of clarified I was talking about the new Disciples skins.

I don’t see why they wouldn’t be included like before?

This works weird. For Borderlands 2 I bought all the Headhunter Packs, Cosmetics packs, etc separately. Until this day, Steam is showing me I don’t own the Season Pass, although I bought everything that the Season Pass contains. Yes, I can add BL2 Season Pass to my cart, buy it for 30 euros and literally get nothing. This is because Season Passes are also counted as “DLCs”. So if these Disciples skins are tied only to Season Pass 2 “DLC”, buying DLC 5 and 6 separately might not grant them. I don’t even know what they mean by “tons of added cosmetics” :smiley: sometimes Gearbox should be more accurate. Also, I don’t see the Disciple skins listed in the description :confused:

The BL2 season pass did not include the things you mention - the headhunter and cosmetic packs were separate items.

That said, the Epic store does seem to have a problem with BL3 cosmetic packs that were included as part of season pass content - someone posted a link to a Borderlands Twitter post mentioning that they were aware of the issue.

Yeah, I bought everything separately, including the 4 campaing add-ons and the UVH Upgrade Pack, but I could still buy the BL2 Season Pass.
Regarding the Disciples skin pack, they are bugged indeed. What I was trying to find out is, if you buy all the DLCs separately, do they “count as a Season Pass” and eventually will it get “upgraded” to a Season Pass.

No, it does not upgrade. The fact that the BL3 season pass is blocked if you already purchased some of the content separately is something relatively new as far as the purchase system is concerned. I’m also unsure if that’s just an Epic or Steam thing or if it applies to the other stores as well. Since I have both season passes, however, it’s not something I can check easily.

I guess this will be the problem. Because if I refer to Gearbox as they advertised these skins, they are not included in DLC 6 alone. So you actually need to have a bought Season Pass registered to your account, which can’t be done in this case because of Epic’s policy, DLCs only are not enough. Sorry if I couldn’t explain it to be understandable. But I guess you understand where I’m trying to get with this one.

Last time I checked Steam only warns you when you buy something that you partly already own. There are some game bundles that have a small discount if you own one of the games already, if not have just straight up remove the total cost of whatever you already own.

Epic doesn’t warn you, or even tells you why you cannot purchase what you want. It just says “unavailable” for everything. More like unbelievable

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That got into my mind as well. It’s possible on Steam, for example, to buy a Season Pass, and if you own any content from that Season Pass, that price will get off from the total and you eventually pay less AND still get the Season Pass.

Jokes on me and other Epic users, I guess. I can handle the crap… everything, but making it this inconvenient to buy games is a real test of how much stupid a person can take before they realize its time to leave.

They got lucky BL3 came out on Epic during a time I was really needing a distraction and a video game, or else I would of have waited for Steam release. I’ll use my money responsibly next time.

Would rather suffer longer than go this far and regret where I put my money. This ain’t no problem talking here will fix. Thanks anyways for trying to help.